Thursday, April 30, 2009

Things are Good, But Mommy is Sick...

I should tell you that I have my Mimi hooked. She's wrapped around all of my little fingers. She had her first sleepover with me last night, and Mimi took great care of me. Every three hours, she was up giving me my bottle and making sure I had my pacifier. She talked to me and loved on me all night long. She's still here at my house. Mimi's here a lot, and that's really good for me. She just hugs me and never wants to put me down. You should see her face when she holds me; she's the happiest Mimi in the whole world, I think.

I guess you want to know why my Mimi stayed the night with me, at my house. Well, my Mommy is sick. She didn't feel very good early last night; she kept saying she was cold, but everyone, including me, knew it was really hot in our house. So, my Daddy took her temperature, and Mommy had a fever. Daddy was exhausted from working yesterday, so Mimi stayed so Mommy and Daddy could rest. That's all Mommy has done today... Sleep, sleep, sleep. She and I are more alike than we thought.

I'm being taken good care of, you don't have to worry at all. Even now, I'm falling asleep in my Mimi's arms, and Mimi is smiling ear to ear. Life for me is good.

My Mimi after Feeding Me

Mimi Loves Holding Me

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the tuckers said...

it is great to have someone there to leand a loving heart and opening arms.. i hope you get to feeling better soon jenna!!!