Wednesday, February 23, 2011

9 Months

In his 9th month, Samuel:
Weighed 18 lbs and 7.5 oz (only 20th percentile)
Was 26 1/4 inches long (only 5th percentile)
Got his flu booster shot.
Saw a Vanderbilt Plastic Surgeon about the removal of his skin tag,
   who believed surgery was his best option.
Still waiting on insurance pre-certification for surgery...
Wore 9 month clothes.
Fit into size 3 diapers.
Started making distinct sounds like da-da-da and ba-ba-ba.
Held his own bottle.
Liked eating puffs.
Had two teeth.
Would scoot to your feet if he wanted picked up.
Liked eating peas and apples mixed.
Still disliked sweet potatoes and peas (if not mixed).
Always held his right arm up when eating.  HILARIOUS!
Would play by himself...  quietly.
Tried avoiding Daniel, but loved him at the same time.
Sat up on his own.
Got bronchialitis.
Had to take lots of breathing treatments.
Was always so happy and sweet.
Went to bed at 9 p.m. and woke usually at 4 a.m.!
Everyone said he was chubby...
   and pretty.  :)
Had great coordination with his fingers...
Could pick up the smallest items.
Always wanted what Daniel had.
Tried a sippy cup.  Didn't work so well.

Give me some more food, please!

"Crawling" to Pop!

Loved being held...

And really liked kisses.

Took a bath with his big brother for the first time!

Look at his sweet cheeks!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

2 Months Away from Turning 2

In Daniel's 22nd Month, He:
Helped to clean up his messes.
Liked eating cubed cheese.
Wanted to always drink from a big cup.
Liked straws.
Stole a piece of chocolate from Daddy.
Weighed 29 lbs.
Wore a size 8 in shoes.  HUGE feet.
Wore 18-24 month clothes.
Still wore size 4 diapers.
Was so mischievious.
Learned to say "Sowwy."
Would not say it if he was in trouble.
Kissed us after he got spankings.
Tried time-out instead of spankings.
Needless to say, Mommy needed time-out after trying time-out on Daniel!
Was way too rough on Samuel.
Liked riding Daddy's "Sosey" (horsey).
Loved "stickas" (stickers).
Always wanted to read books before bed (FINALLY).
Was quiet while we prayed, then would very proudly say, "Amen."
Wants to hold hands during prayers.
Climbed everything.
Broke everything.
Ate everything.
Talked all of the time.  Most popular words/phrases were:
  • I don't know.
  • Stinky.
  • Sticky.
  • Yuck.
  • Oh no.
  • No.
  • Wow.
  • Thomas, Sodor, Percy, Spencer, To-to (Tobey), Choo choo, twack
  • Bye-bye.
  • Hi Mommy, Hi Daddy
  • Hey buddy.
  • Brudder (that's brother in case you weren't sure).
  • Hi Samyule.
  • Jump.
  • Knock knock.
  • Eat. 
  • Car.
  • Now.
  • Hot.
  • Bath.
  • Cackee (cookie) and Cwacka (cracker)
  • Cake
  • Ball.
  • Ow side.
  • Diaper.
  • Ouch.
  • Mimi, Ca, and Pa (family members who frequent)
Hated for his hands to be dirty, sticky, or wet.
Loved wearing big boy underwear.
Got new furniture in his room.
Really, really liked pulling the cushions off our couches,
   and having jump fests in the living room.
Began to be bossy.
Would push/kick/hit any child smaller than himself.
Would not listen to Mommy.
Put his hands out/up to the air when he wasn't sure of something,
   as if to say, "I don' know," or "Why aren't you doing what I want?"
Laughed in a deep, scary kind of way when up to no good.
Has learned all of the Thomas & Friends by name/color.
Got a lot of play time in the snow!
Loved having the doorbell ring
    and opening the door to see who is behind it.
Was completely social.
A list of Daniel's Favorites:
  • Book - Hero of the Rails by Goldenbook
  • T.V. Show(s) - Thomas, Caillou, and that's all.
  • Foods - spaghetti and mini lunchables.
  • Snack - raisins.
  • Song - Caillou theme song; Twinkle, Twinkle is a close second.
  • Clothing Item -Thomas Pajamas (he has 6 pairs) and/or Train sweater.
  • Drink - Chocolate Milk.  Hands down.
  • Activity - playing outside.
  • Toy- ANYTHING Thomas.  Also likes tools and cars.
  • Place to go - church.  He gets spoiled rotten.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A LOVEly Weekend in Pictures

We spent our Valentine's weekend on the go, and while we aren't big fans of all the details and "hoop-la" surrounding many holidays, we have decided that we can show God's love in every "holiday" that we experience.  So, here is how we spent our Valentine's with the ones we love...

Mimi brought the boys their Valentine's gifts early on the 12th. 

Daniel received an awesome box of snacks, a talking Toby train from Thomas and Friend, a Toby apple juice cup, and some other goodies. 

Samuel got some Gerber Puffs, a box of Gerber baby food, and a set of cars.  The boys got Mimi a gift card to Cato and a bag of her favorite candies.

After spending the evening at our church's "It's a Love Story" dinner, we came home to find our firstborn wide awake and ready for his own loving!

We spent the entire Valentine's Day together!  We started our day outside, enjoying the beautiful sunshine!

Grandpa brought Daniel his own box of Dum-Dum suckers!
Daniel and Samuel gave Pa a box of banana chips and Snickers.
Pa and Mimi kept the boys for Mommy and Daddy to go to dinner.

We attempted a few family shots...
But Mommy and Daddy ended up eating at Longhorn and watching a movie, in the van!

The next morning, we woke to find Samuel not feeling so well.
He continued getting worse.  Details will follow in a later post.

Daniel went to Mother's Day Out and brought home this Valentine to Mommy and Daddy.

He spent most of his evening enjoying all of the Valentines he received at MDO.

Daniel loved his Valentines from Mommy and Daddy:
a Whiff train from Thomas and Friends and Hero of the Rails golden book.
Daddy let Daniel pick his very own Valentine's balloon...
He chose an Elmo one.

Samuel loved his gifts too:
a set of cars (the same set Mimi got him) and a First Words book.
He really liked watching Daniel's balloon.  :)

Did I mention that Aunt Ca ALSO spent Valentine's evening with the boys AND got them lots of goodies?!  Seriously, we are so loved.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Growing Up is (Easy) to Do

... at least for Daniel, it is.

Mommy and Daddy think it is a bit hard watching our firstborn grow up so quickly, but we are so proud of all he is accomplishing.  Like, just this week, he made the switch from his crib which was converted into a toddler/day bed to an actual toddler bed.  He climbed in this new bed like it was no big deal at all.  He was jumping on the bed and laughing like it was the best thing he'd seen in weeks!

Special thanks goes to our friends, Tim, Becca, and G, for allowing us to buy this from them!  An even bigger thanks to Becca for spending - what I can only imagine was - hours working on this bed for her little one who decided a twin bed was better for him.  And, of course, we can't help but be super appreciative of God's intricate working in the color that just-so-happened to match our previously purchased bedding perfectly!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Time for a Lunch Break

We get awfully busy around this house.  I mean, there are actually nights when I get in bed and wonder if my kids saw my face that day or only in passing!  Thankfully, there are moments when the Lord just slows me down and shows me His goodness...  Usually, it's staring right back at me.  :)

So, without many words, I just wanted to share these pictures of Daniel from lunch a week ago.  It's a lunch break I'll always treasure, because from across the table, I watched as my firstborn shared his many precious faces.  If this face cannot slow a Momma down, then God surely will use it to do so!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In Full Force.

I haven't posted much lately, only because the weather's been crazy and we've been busy.  I never take the time or have the time to just sit down and type.  Either way, I know you want to know what we're up to, and here's the bulleted rundown:

  • Daniel's been coughing a lot.  I took him for a sick visit after he woke with a 102.9 fever on Tuesday, and it turns out that his asthma is back in full force.  He's now on TWO inhalers.  Wow. 
  • By the way, Daniel weighs 29 lbs and 9.5 oz.  He's a growing boy!  No wonder why my back always hurts.
  • Samuel is in full force scooting/crawling/reaching/grabbing mode.  He literally can get to anything and everywhere in this house.  He's also sitting up on his own, eating approximately 3 jars of food a day, and weighing way too much.  Samuel is a chunky thing; it's precious for sure, but not easy on the mother's back.
  • Daniel is obsessed with trains.  This train infatuation is serious business.  The kid will wake each morning, head to the hamper, and pull out his clothes/pajamas from the day before as long as they have a train on them.  He demands to wear them, dirty or not!  He begs for "Thomas" and "Sodor" all day long.  He'll tell me "t.v." so he can watch more episodes of Thomas & Friends, and I'm serious when I say the kid is demanding.  Daniel will stand and point at the television until his arm gets too tired and then begin saying, "Thomas" and "Sodor" over and over and over again. 
  • Daniel has also begun a new habit of removing his clothes every chance he gets.  We've had more stains on our carpets than I care to mention (so thankful the Lord allowed us to get a carpet cleaner at a discounted price) because he refuses to tell me he is "stinky."  We're not to the potty training stage just yet because he is just now beginning to understand the word, "stinky."  Nevertheless, Daniel's nakedness has become quite normal around our house.
  • The snow has happened upon our area in full force this winter!  We got 3 inches on Monday and received another 3 today.  It's beautiful!  Now, if only it weren't so cold (9 degrees is the low), I could get these boys out of the house!
  • I'm painting in every second of free time I'm allowed.  It's been really difficult, and I believe I've realized that painting will have to become my third thirtieth priority once I finish my wait list.  My Lord, husband, and children have to be higher on the list, and right now, I feel as though all my family sees of me is the back of my head, facing a painting. 
  • Brian is in full-on study mode.  He is always reading.  I feel as if the Lord is really teaching and him right now about a number of things, and it's an honor to sit back and watch my husband as he grows in God's word.  It's so humbling and uplifting at the same time.  He's teaching in a local prison once a week, preaching once a month in the mission and at 2-3 different prisons, and also full-time pastoring a church.  God never ceases to amaze me with how much Brian is doing.  I'm so blessed to be his wife...  :)
Sorry so quick but sleep is necessary, and it will be had in full force tonight...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Eating Fool

I've been wanting to post these pictures/videos of Samuel for a few weeks now, and I always forget until I sit down to feed him and realize how hilarious he is!  He is quite the eater...  In fact, he's busy eating 1-2 jars of food 3 times a day as well as throwing back 5-6 bottles like they are no big deal.  However, he has some interesting habits when it comes to food.  As a matter of fact, he hates vegetables.  HATES them.  I mean, loathes when he has to take bites of peas or sweet potatoes.  He'll push each spoonful right out of his mouth.  So, I've managed to mix his fruits with his veggies, and he hasn't seemed to notice.  In fact, I had mixed apples with these carrots he was enjoying a few weeks ago...  WHICH is when I noticed another eating "habit" he's accustomed to doing.  He will hold his right arm up the E-N-T-I-R-E meal.  He'll even start hitting and rubbing the table if it's really good food. 

Arm Up!

Watch his arm.  It's a 2-3 minute video, and Samuel keeps his arm up the whole time.

Throw Your Hand Up from Jenna Johnson on Vimeo.

Not seconds after I stopped filming, Samuel began rubbing the high chair and smacking his hand down after each bite, as if to say, "Good stuff, Mom.  Keep it coming."  Watch this if you don't believe me...

The Smackdown on Carrots from Jenna Johnson on Vimeo.

Pop-In Visits

My boys are so blessed.  I mean it, they really are.  They can almost be guaranteed that at least once a week, they are going to have a visitor.  The visitors usually range from week to week, and most of the time they see their Mimi, Grandpa, and Pop at least once a week or more!

My heart melts when Daniel cuddles up to his visitors.  He gets so excited upon hearing the doorbell ring or the repitition of knocks; he cannot wait to see who is behind the door.  Pop always gives me a forewarning of a few minutes that he's on his way to see the boys, but I don't think Daniel or Samuel would mind if he showed up by surprise ANY day of the week.

Daniel reading his Veggie Tales bible storybook with Pop

Samuel loves getting his Pop time as well

Both boys getting Pop's attention

Showing Pop how he can crawl!

Very interested in the story

I realize that not every child has a great-grandparent like my boys do.  Pop is the best influence my boys could have.  I've grown up admiring his love for the Lord, and I have always enjoyed heeding his advice.  I know he won't always be around, but I am eternally grateful for all he does for my family.  These sweet visits from him feel my heart with joy...  Something about watching your children play with the grandparent you loved so much as a child is beautiful.  I cannot thank God enough for moments like these.