Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In Full Force.

I haven't posted much lately, only because the weather's been crazy and we've been busy.  I never take the time or have the time to just sit down and type.  Either way, I know you want to know what we're up to, and here's the bulleted rundown:

  • Daniel's been coughing a lot.  I took him for a sick visit after he woke with a 102.9 fever on Tuesday, and it turns out that his asthma is back in full force.  He's now on TWO inhalers.  Wow. 
  • By the way, Daniel weighs 29 lbs and 9.5 oz.  He's a growing boy!  No wonder why my back always hurts.
  • Samuel is in full force scooting/crawling/reaching/grabbing mode.  He literally can get to anything and everywhere in this house.  He's also sitting up on his own, eating approximately 3 jars of food a day, and weighing way too much.  Samuel is a chunky thing; it's precious for sure, but not easy on the mother's back.
  • Daniel is obsessed with trains.  This train infatuation is serious business.  The kid will wake each morning, head to the hamper, and pull out his clothes/pajamas from the day before as long as they have a train on them.  He demands to wear them, dirty or not!  He begs for "Thomas" and "Sodor" all day long.  He'll tell me "t.v." so he can watch more episodes of Thomas & Friends, and I'm serious when I say the kid is demanding.  Daniel will stand and point at the television until his arm gets too tired and then begin saying, "Thomas" and "Sodor" over and over and over again. 
  • Daniel has also begun a new habit of removing his clothes every chance he gets.  We've had more stains on our carpets than I care to mention (so thankful the Lord allowed us to get a carpet cleaner at a discounted price) because he refuses to tell me he is "stinky."  We're not to the potty training stage just yet because he is just now beginning to understand the word, "stinky."  Nevertheless, Daniel's nakedness has become quite normal around our house.
  • The snow has happened upon our area in full force this winter!  We got 3 inches on Monday and received another 3 today.  It's beautiful!  Now, if only it weren't so cold (9 degrees is the low), I could get these boys out of the house!
  • I'm painting in every second of free time I'm allowed.  It's been really difficult, and I believe I've realized that painting will have to become my third thirtieth priority once I finish my wait list.  My Lord, husband, and children have to be higher on the list, and right now, I feel as though all my family sees of me is the back of my head, facing a painting. 
  • Brian is in full-on study mode.  He is always reading.  I feel as if the Lord is really teaching and him right now about a number of things, and it's an honor to sit back and watch my husband as he grows in God's word.  It's so humbling and uplifting at the same time.  He's teaching in a local prison once a week, preaching once a month in the mission and at 2-3 different prisons, and also full-time pastoring a church.  God never ceases to amaze me with how much Brian is doing.  I'm so blessed to be his wife...  :)
Sorry so quick but sleep is necessary, and it will be had in full force tonight...

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