Monday, August 29, 2011


Okay, life with a two-year-old is tough at times...  You know with the temper tantrums and potty training and the rough hits and determination of an ox?!  Well, maybe that's just our two-year-old, and he is teaching us all about the "terrible twos."  However, there are times when this kid literally makes us laugh so hard and love so much that we forget how awful the moments before actually were. 

Case(s) and point(s):

  • While riding in his car seat on the way home from church, Daniel kept dropping his sippy cup onto the floor.  We'd bend back, pick it up, and give it to him for him to repeat the process.  He was thoroughly amused; we weren't as much.  In between tosses, he really was thirsty and was gulping down fruit punch.  So, it came as no surprise when I heard the first hiccup...  and another...  then the next...  and on and on until Daniel became quite frustrated with them.  He clearly stated, "Mommy, I chokin'."  I said, "No, you're not, honey; you've got hiccups."  To which he replied, "Mommy, I chokin'."  As the hiccups got stronger, his patience was thinning, and he was very upset and yelled, "Mommy, no hiccup.  I CHOKIN'!"
  • Daniel's story-telling skills are really picking up as of lately.  Why, just Tuesday while the boys were at Mother's Day Out, and Samuel took a pretty rough fall.  How do I know this?  Well, it's a whopping five days later, and upon seeing any one he knows, Daniel STILL begins with this, "Uh, Samuel fall down on the ground at school, and....."  I promise, he has told that same "story" over a hundred times in five days, and it seems brand new to him every single time.  And for the record, Samuel didn't cry when he fell at school; in fact, he doesn't even have a scratch!
  • Daniel has become quite the boss around here.  Or at least he believes he has.  We hear these a lot:  "Be quiet, Mommy."  "Daddy, stop it."  "Watch Thomas, Mommy."  "Samuel, be quiet.  Stop it.  Shhhh." 
  • Daniel speaks in first person right now.  It is hard to take him seriously when he talks as if he's someone else because it is SO hilarious.  Last night as we ate dinner at Chick fil A, the "carnival" was in town right beside the parking lot.  Daniel was very intrigued by the ferris wheel and its amazing lights.  He watched from the restaurant doors, saying, "Daniel ride that.  Daniel sit on it.  Daniel go to it.  Daniel want to ride it now." 
  • Daniel is beginning to potty train.  While we haven't yet forced it, he has just started showing interest and going on his own...  in the potty...  without help from any one.  Anyway, we've tried to get Daniel excited about the process with "big boy" underwear and Pull-ups, but let's face it, they equal big messes that make HIM laugh so we've opted for the cheap brand of diapers for him until we move on...  Let's just say, they do not work. Just Tuesday night as we were out shoppng as a family, Daniel rode on my back in the Beco, and discovering some awesome clearance buys in the kids' section, I suddenly felt moisture running down my back.  He had peed right through those Pull-ups!  As I took Daniel to clean up the mess, I kept asking him, "Where does pee go?  Why is Mommy wet?"  He answered, "In the potty.  Not Mommy."  Here I was in a public place with my child's pee ALL DOWN MY BACK and PANTS.  Worse part, I didn't have any extra clothes for Daniel OR myself, so with a pantless Daniel strapped again onto my wet back, he and I finished shopping and headed to the checkout! 
  • HOWEVER, this was not our only encounter with pee this week.  Tonight at church during singing practice, Daniel sat cheerfully on Daddy's lap while we sang.  It wasn't very long into the service when Brian looked over at me with the deer in headlights look...  He mouthed, "He's peeing on me!"  I thought he was kidding, that is, until I noticed Brian's suit's pant leg was soaking wet.  It looked as though it was BRIAN who'd had the accident.  He sat there with that look on his face for what seemed like hours, as he tried to figure out what to do next.  Daniel hadn't moved.  He was just fine now that he'd released that burden.  :)  I too hadn't moved.  I was laughing so hard I didn't think to move or help.  When I came around to noticing Brian needed my help, I picked up Daniel and headed to the nursery.  Every step of the way, Daniel reminded me, "I pee on Daddy."  Brian thankfully had an extra set of clothes in the car (which, by the way, was a t-shirt, khaki shorts, and Crocs) but when we got to the car, Daniel made certain we hadn't forgotten what had happened in church, laughing and saying, "Daddy, I pee-pee. I pee on Daddy."

Friday, August 26, 2011

15 Months and Big Things Happen

In His 15th Month, Samuel:
Weighed 22 lbs. (25th percentile)
Was 30.5 inches tall. (25th percentile)
Walked full time...  No more crawling.
Wore size 12 clothes.
Wore a size 5 extra wide in shoes.
In size 4 diapers.
Had really sensitive skin.
Disliked heat and outdoors.
Got his 15 month shots.
Visited Dyersburg and his family for the first time.
Took a long 8 hour road trip to Missouri!
Got to see his church buddy, Lincoln.
Loved playing with Lincoln.
Ate his first Lambert's roll!
Went to Silver Dollar City.
Hated it.
Met the Backyardigans!
Rode the Carousel and enjoyed it!
Really liked Elmo and Timmy (some little lamb show).
Started giving kisses.  Awww.
Was beginning to get fairly vocal.
Threw fits when he didn't get his way.
Was an amazing eater!
Began Mother's Day Out.
Was the youngest in his class! 
Didn't cry when Mommy dropped him off!
Was a great sleeper!
Began climbing.  Yikes.
Started hitting Daniel back!
Loved. his. Daddy. so. much.

Some of Samuel's Firsts Happened this Month:
  • Ate with a spoon
  • Had his first day of Mother's Day Out
  • Got his first busted lip
  • First time we ever saw blood
  • First ride ever ridden (Carousel)

Favorite Things:Food(s): watermelon, peaches
Toy(s):  balls, train tracks, elmo
Show(s): Sesame Street, Timmy Time
Movie(s): Elmo in Grouchland 
Snack:  goldfish, applesauce in a pouch
Song: I'm a Little Teapot and Jesus Loves Me, Me, Me
Words He was Saying:  hi.  ball.  bye-bye.  night.  daddy.  momma.  cup.  caw (car).  go.  mik (milk).  Pa (grandpa).  Ca (aunt jessica).  Mimi.
Thing to Do:  be held, play alone, watch movies, ride in the red cozy coupe.
People:   Daddy!

Some Other 15th Month Highlights:
Playing with Buddy at Aunt Dina's house

Getting love from Aunt Pattie

First trip to McAllister's for sweet tea!

Eating the throwed rolls with Lincoln
at Lambert's

Pointing at the deer/elk (?) at the largest
Bass Pro Shop in the U.S.

Riding the shuttle with Daddy
to Silver Dollar City

Rosy, hot cheeks at Silver Dollar City

Unimpressed with the Backyardigans

His favorite spot at SDC...
The ball area.

Eating cookies and saying bye to his buddy, Lincoln.

Eating rolls and looking like Mommy
at our 2nd Lamberts' stop (on the trip)

Playing with big brother is
beginning to be fun.

At his friend, Seth's first birthday party!

His first busted, bloody lips.

His very first MDO bag!

First day of Mother's Day Out...
Daniel was telling Samuel to, "Cheese!"

Looking like a really big, little boy at MDO.

Did You Say 28?

Yes, that's right.  Our delightful boy has just recently turned 28 whopping months old.  That cannot be accurate, but honestly, it is evident with all he's been into as of late!

In His 28th Month, Daniel:
Weighed 30+ lbs.
Wore 2T clothes.
Wore a size 8 in shoes.
Made an 8 hour trip to Missouri!
Went to Silver Dollar City.
Was tall enough to ride the kiddie rides!
Loved the frog jump ride and the carousel.
Met the Backyardigans there!  :)
Visited the largest Bass Pro Shop in the US.
Slept the whole time we were there.
Still in size 4 diapers...
Made his first successful potty trip!
ON HIS OWN.  (Friday, August 19th)
Then made 3 more.
Still doesn't understand PEE-ing in the potty.
Has only done that once at church by himself.
He snuck into the bathroom,
and did his business.
Started Mother's Day Out (year 2).
Miss Brooke was his teacher.
He called her "Brooke."
Could count 1-5.
Sang all of the time.
Was very bossy.
Spankings and timeouts seemed to work.
Would not take naps.
Loved baths and playing outside.
Never met a stranger.
Gave lots of hugs and kisses.
Told his Mommy he loved her (August 12th)! 
Spent lots of time with friends!
Went to the library with Cole.
Celebrated Seth's 1st birthday!
Played at Monkey Joe's with Bekah and the Harris girls!

Was often found:
  • playing with trains and cars
  • sneaking into the cabinets
  • making messes
  • standing/playing naked
  • stealing gum from his mom and dad
  • taking coins and hiding them in his mouth
  • throwing fits
  • begging to watch movies
  • avoiding naps and sleep
  • saying his Bible verse, Rejoice in the Lord.
Some of Daniel's Favorite Things:
Food(s):  mandarin oranges, ice cream
Toy(s):  Thomas trains    
Show(s): The Backyardigans, Dora, and VeggieTales
Movie(s):  Thomas: Hero of the Rails 
Snack(s):  yogurt covered raisins, gummy snacks
Song(s):  Rejoice in the Lord Always, Thomas theme song, Jesus Loves Me
Color(s):  Blue
Thing to Do:  Jumping, Running, Laughing
People:  Mimi, Natalie, Ca, Bekah, Pa, and Pop

Popular Phrases and Words of the Month:
  • Stop it, Samuel.
  • Samuel, wake up!
  • No, it's MINE!
  • This way.  (He literally can give directions.)
  • Awesome. Purrfect! Amazing! (when he's super excited)
  • Goodness gracious!
  • I want more.
  • I your son, Daddy.
  • Mommy, I ready to go.  Ready to go to school!
  • I have fun.
  • I heavy. Mommy heavy.  Daddy's heavy!
  • Samuel fell down on the ground at school...  (this happened on their 3rd day of Mother's Day Out, and Daniel told everybody he saw for 3 days this exact sentence.  Miss Brooke said that Samuel didn't even cry, but it must've been very traumatic for Daniel!)
Other Big Things from Daniel's 28th Month:

Was super excited over ice cream cones!

Loved to love on his little brother.

Watching t.v.!

Riding the motorcycle with two sweet girls!

At the library with his new friend, Cole!

Standing on his first REAL train track...
in Dyersburg, TN.

Getting kisses from Aunt Dina and Aunt Pattie!

Riding the shuttle to Silver Dollar City...
and loving it!

Meeting the Backyardigans!

Seeing the Silver Dollar City train.

Having a typical, terrible two tantrum with his buddy, Mike.

Eating those yummy throwed rolls
at Lambert's in Sikeston!

Getting all dressed up in Daddy's shoes.

Riding with brother!

Swinging with Bekah
at Seth's 1st Birthday Party

So stinkin' sweet.
Best buddies right here, Bekah and Daniel.

Stealing a taste of the 1st birthday boy's cake.

Talking with the birthday boy's aunt Tanya
via Skype at the party. 
He is so friendly!

Their first school picture together.
Daniel was miserable because,
"I ready to go, Mom!"

Look who got his clothes off,
found himself some markers and paper,
and went to town!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Be Patient

We are currently teaching Daniel what it means to be patient. 

When he's screaming for his juice,
I will say, "What do you have to be?" 
Daniel will say, "Patient."

When he's yelling he's ready to go,
I will say, "What do you need to be?" 
Daniel will agree, "Patient."

When he's ready "right now" to get
out of his car seat, I must say,
"What should you be?"
Daniel will admit, "Patient."

When I ask him what that means, Daniel always answers, "Wait."  :)

In the past few days, I have been explaining what it means to be patient.  I feel definitions help us all understand things better!  Despite my explanations, I often have to remind Daniel that patient means to wait...  calmly.  gladly.  willingly.  I seriously say these words and phrases to my two-year-old as if he understands, and while he can repeat them perfectly, I'm learning that I too must be patient and wait. 

When I'm frustrated with toddler tantrums,
"What do I have to be?" 
God replys, "Patient."

When I want him out of diapers (like yesterday),
"What should I be?" 
God tells me, "Patient."

When he's being quite demanding,
"How should I react?" 
God whispers, "Patiently."

When he's made another mess,
"What do I need to be?" 
God says, "Patient."

When I'm ready to move past this stage,
God explains, "Be patient."

I find myself wishing his days away, ready for him to grow up and be a big kid, but there are days when I realize that this is my time to cherish Daniel for all he is.  Every energetic, strong-willed, defiant, confident, intelligent, sweet way within him is mine to cherish...  And while I hurry life along, God constantly is reminding me what being patient really means.  It means to wait...  calmly.  gladly.  willingly.

I don't ever want to forget these precious days, moments, and lessons.  Through this adorable toddler, I am learning more than I ever have in life.  I, for one, am enjoying patience.

Mother's First Day Out

The boys' first day of Mother's Day Out has come and gone, and tomorrow they'll embark on their second day.  My prayer has been that this will not only relieve me but help each of them to grow.  I feared that Samuel would cry hysterically and hang onto my shirt with every ounce of being within him, and I worried that Daniel would be rough on the other children and be his typical, energetic, can't-slow-down self. 

While I'm certain the latter took place, I can assure myself that Day 1 was better than even I expected.  The boys slept well Monday night; in fact, I had to WAKE Daniel up to get ready just in time.  Samuel woke just like always, cheerful and happy to start the day.  While I'm not sure he was ready for what he had coming, he grinned with his big, busted lips (he, of course, had to have his first major fall the night before). 
(Samuel on the night before his first day of MDO.)

I had their bags packed and ready; I should say that I had their bags, lunchboxes, and nap mats perfectly monogrammed and embroidered (we all know me that well). 
Lunchbox Tags I made for each boy!

Their bags and mats
Daniel's things (lunchbox, cups, and mat) are Cars themed.
Samuel's things are all his buddy, Elmo.

It really wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be getting out the door...  until I realized we must have pictures!
Samuel cannot be old enough to attend MDO.
He just CANNOT.

While this is blurry, Daniel was so ready to get out the door.
He knew he was going to school.
He kept saying, "School.  Let's go, Mommy."

Realizing I really wanted a picture of the two of them,
Daniel grabbed Samuel's face and kept repeating,
"Say cheese, Samuel."

We made the two minute drive to the church where MDO is held, and I kept telling the boys how much fun they would have.  I just knew they'd begin crying as soon as I walked them to their classroom, but much to my surprise, Daniel let go of my hand and walked confidently into his room.  He didn't cry or seem upset at all...  Maybe because two of his buddies were crying and he was patting them and worrying over them, saying, "You okay, buddy?!" 

Samuel had a tight grip on my shirt.  I feared the worst at this point, but that's when their sweet teacher pulled out goldfish and vanilla wafers.  Miss Brooke is genius in my book already, simply for this random act!  Samuel mustered up some confidence and walked right over to the table for his own snack.  I think I was actually upset that he wasn't upset! 
Eating the first snack of the morning...

Okay, is this not so sweet?! 
My boys actually sat together.  :)

I left with such peace.  Do you know how good that was?!  To know that my children were in good hands and they were happy...  Nothing makes a mother feel better than that! 

So, I guess you're wondering what I did with my day?!
I worked on and finished these for my dear friend.  I know I was supposed to be OUT, but honestly, it was refreshing to just sit quietly IN. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


You want to know what is super sweet?


He really is. 

Let me explain...

As of late, Daniel becomes very concerned the very second Samuel wakes from his naps.  He announces, "Mommy, Samuel awake.  He's cryin'."  He will say this over and over until I follow him into the boys' room to get Samuel from his crib.  Sweet, right?!

Daniel's vocabulary is booming.  Some of the sweetest things he says right now are:  "I love you."  (he still hasn't told Mommy he loves her.)  "I sorry, Mommy."  "Help me, please."  The lines, "Jesus loves me this I know for the BI-ble tells me so."  Oh, and he sings, "Joy, Joy, Where?!," from I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart, where?! song.  I'm telling you, these are so sweet!

Tonight, on our way home from revival, I suggested that Brian roll down the windows in the car to make some "white noise" to ease a very fussy Samuel.  Moments later, Samuel was silent, and Daniel was as well.  I turned to find Daniel with his hand blowing in the wind and a huge grin across his sweet face.  He was so excited!

But, honestly, the sweetest thing about Daniel is his love of physical touch.  When we lay him in his bed at night, he wants one of us to stay right beside his bed, and then he'll stick his arm through the toddler bed railing to hold our hands.  When he has done something by himself (like build a mega block tower or connected every single one of his train tracks together), Daniel will grab my hand, lead me to his creation, stand beside me, hand in hand, and very proudly point.  He blows kisses to whoever we are leaving.  He hugs his brother and tickles him endlessly.  AND, just tonight, as he was falling asleep, rubbed my hair until he couldn't stay awake any longer... 

But I'll be blunt here and tell you that Daniel isn't always sweet.  He just might be the most challenging child I've ever faced in my life.  In fact, he has learned how to push my buttons like no one else and has even caused me to lose my temper like I will never admit.  I find myself angrier than I care to get and more impatient with each passing hitting or pushing incident, terrible two tantrum, and disobedient move he makes.  He tends to bring out my worst qualities on most days.

However, I am reminded constantly, through this little child, that I have been given the awesome opportunity from God to raise him.  I honestly believe, on some days, he is raising me.  He is teaching me to be calmer and less temperamental.  He shows me that laughter is better than anger, and messes only last for a short while.  One day, I'll miss his tantrums and hearing him say, "I sorry, Mommy," after he's had a timeout.  I am learning that I cannot grow as a parent OR a person without these teachable moments from my child.  The negative habits and dramatic personality I see in Daniel are ones I've passed down to him, and I am being forced to change so that he will see more of Christ and less of me.

There isn't anything sweet about me.  Except for this great, big fact...   God is sweet on me (and you).  He is incredibly good to me.  He's given me a heart that longs for Him, and because of that, I am constantly being molded to look more like Christ.  Why is this so important?  Well, there is a little set of eyes that imitates most everything he sees his Mommy do, and God knows that if He can use Mommy to win this little boy to Him, then it will all be worth it.  Daniel's heart could one day love like Christ, and hopefully, I can be what God used to get him to that point. 

I imagine years from now I'll look back on these days and will have forgotten the frustrating times.  I'll be able to see past all the things that were so difficult about raising Daniel.  I'll realize that it was God's way of raising me to look more like His Son.  I'll understand that without the child-rearing pains, there would be no gains.  Most importantly, I hope to remember how sweet it was to be Daniel's Mommy and how deeply I was/am loved by the King.