Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mother's First Day Out

The boys' first day of Mother's Day Out has come and gone, and tomorrow they'll embark on their second day.  My prayer has been that this will not only relieve me but help each of them to grow.  I feared that Samuel would cry hysterically and hang onto my shirt with every ounce of being within him, and I worried that Daniel would be rough on the other children and be his typical, energetic, can't-slow-down self. 

While I'm certain the latter took place, I can assure myself that Day 1 was better than even I expected.  The boys slept well Monday night; in fact, I had to WAKE Daniel up to get ready just in time.  Samuel woke just like always, cheerful and happy to start the day.  While I'm not sure he was ready for what he had coming, he grinned with his big, busted lips (he, of course, had to have his first major fall the night before). 
(Samuel on the night before his first day of MDO.)

I had their bags packed and ready; I should say that I had their bags, lunchboxes, and nap mats perfectly monogrammed and embroidered (we all know me that well). 
Lunchbox Tags I made for each boy!

Their bags and mats
Daniel's things (lunchbox, cups, and mat) are Cars themed.
Samuel's things are all his buddy, Elmo.

It really wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be getting out the door...  until I realized we must have pictures!
Samuel cannot be old enough to attend MDO.
He just CANNOT.

While this is blurry, Daniel was so ready to get out the door.
He knew he was going to school.
He kept saying, "School.  Let's go, Mommy."

Realizing I really wanted a picture of the two of them,
Daniel grabbed Samuel's face and kept repeating,
"Say cheese, Samuel."

We made the two minute drive to the church where MDO is held, and I kept telling the boys how much fun they would have.  I just knew they'd begin crying as soon as I walked them to their classroom, but much to my surprise, Daniel let go of my hand and walked confidently into his room.  He didn't cry or seem upset at all...  Maybe because two of his buddies were crying and he was patting them and worrying over them, saying, "You okay, buddy?!" 

Samuel had a tight grip on my shirt.  I feared the worst at this point, but that's when their sweet teacher pulled out goldfish and vanilla wafers.  Miss Brooke is genius in my book already, simply for this random act!  Samuel mustered up some confidence and walked right over to the table for his own snack.  I think I was actually upset that he wasn't upset! 
Eating the first snack of the morning...

Okay, is this not so sweet?! 
My boys actually sat together.  :)

I left with such peace.  Do you know how good that was?!  To know that my children were in good hands and they were happy...  Nothing makes a mother feel better than that! 

So, I guess you're wondering what I did with my day?!
I worked on and finished these for my dear friend.  I know I was supposed to be OUT, but honestly, it was refreshing to just sit quietly IN. 

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