Monday, February 20, 2012

34 Months Old Already...

Two months away from 3 years old...  Really?!

In his 34th month, Daniel:
Weighed 33 lbs.
Wore a size 8 1/2 - 9 in shoes.
Wore mostly size 3T in clothes.
Was a very sick little boy.
Had RSV, ear infections, and a ruptured ear.
Celebrated his Mommy's birthday!
Sang to her and blew out her candles.
Was potty-trained!
Wore big kid underwear always!
Still needed Pull-ups at night.
Talked about his buddy, Shia.
Always wondered what Shia was doing.
Wanted to hold Shia's new baby.
Loved "wrapping" presents.
Wrapping meant using blankets.
Was introduced to the "spanker."
The "spanker" is a spatula used for disciplining.
Named all of his colors.
Counted from 1 to 13.
Loved to sing.
Was obsessed with birthdays.
Said his own prayers.
Often thanked God for his snacks.
Needed lots of attention and praise.
Continued sleep-walking.
Always woke 2-3 times a night.
Was very demanding.
Did not liked to be laughed at.

Some of Daniel's Favorite Things:
Food(s): Spaghetti, Pizza, "Chocolate" Nutella Sandwiches
Toy(s):  Books, Thomas blocks
Show(s):  Curious George, Thomas
Movie(s):  Toy Story 1-3
Snack(s): Bananas, Chips, Cheese Puffs, Gummies
Song(s):  Deep and Wide
Color(s):  Blue and Red
Thing(s) to Do:   Picnic, Sing, Wrap Gifts, Paint
People:  Shia, Samuel, Mimi, Grandpa, Natalie, Emma
Some of Daniel's Popular Phrases:
  • I'm the boss.
  • I do it. 
  • Mine.
  • I go to school. 
  • I pee pee in the potty!
  • I'm a big kid.
  • I need chips.
  • You are my favorite.
  • Shut it.
Other 34th Month Fun Facts:

Daniel loved coloring and painting with Samuel.

Daniel was super excited about his Mommy's 29th birthday...
Mostly because birthdays mean cake in his little mind!

Towers of blocks made him so excited!

After a long day of a fever of 103.5+ in January,
we learned that Daniel had RSV.
He was given chest x-rays, but thankfully
Daniel did not have pneumonia.
A month of sickness was rough on this tough boy!

Daniel really liked popcorn. 
He would sneak into the pantry,
get his own bag,
put it in the microwave, then
ask for you to pop it.

Daniel's laugh was HYSTERICAL!
So many people commented about his laugh.

Dinner with his cousin Natalie at McDonalds!

A night on the couch with Mommy...
Big grins!

Daniel loved giving kisses...
especially to Samuel.

Daniel's favorite thing, by far, was picnics.
He'd lay out blankets for everyone so that
we could eat our dinner or snacks in the floor.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Entertainment Weekly :)

It has become a weekly, actually daily challenge...  that is, entertaining my toddlers.  Up until recently, Samuel was very easily entertained, finding a variety of not-so-interesting items from around the house to play with, while Daniel has constantly needed me to help him stay busy.  I don't mind the challenge; it's just NOT an easy one. 

Daniel loves to be on the go.  He wakes every single morning asking where we're going.  He likes to shop, go to school and begs to be at church, visit family and friends, and simply BE in the van.  If he believes we are headed somewhere, he is the happiest child alive.  However, if he thinks he has to stay at home, he's miserable.  Samuel could honestly care less, but he's going to follow Daniel to the end.  So, whatever Daniel's doing, be it throwing toilet paper into the potty or pretending to be a dog - licking everything in sight, Samuel will more than likely be right in the mess.  I love how their personalities have grown into "going" children.  It gives me hope that one day they'll love to be working and going for their Lord, but as for now, I just haven't been able to keep them entertained for very long.

This morning, for instance, despite all the toys in our home and PBS kids on television, they are running from one side of the living room to the other and landing straight into the couch.  While my couch can only take so much, I wonder if any of you have ideas on what to do on a daily basis to help make the day go by more quickly. 

What do YOU do with your children each day if you've been given the role of stay-at-home mom?  Keep in mind that our children are 2 and 1, and I'm in my 3rd trimester with my third.  I cannot lift and do extremely strenuous activities.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Conversations with Cookie

It's overwhelming to have one very animated, chatty child in the house, but I'm quickly learning that we may have two on our hands before too long.  Case and point, I overhead 20-month-old Samuel carrying out an entire conversation with his Sesame Street toys today.  He literally was making each character talk and was giving them instructions as to what they were to do next.  Seems to me that he is just too little to be doing this so early!

The scene went a little something like this:
Samuel:  Good morning, Cookie.
He puts Cookie Monster on the toy school bus.
Samuel:  Hi, buddy.  Let's go.   (as if Count von Count, the buss driver, was speaking)
Samuel:  You ok, Cookie?  Noticing that Cookie had fallen out of his seat when Samuel had tried to move the bus.
Samuel:  I sorry, buddy.  He lovingly reaches for Cookie, pulls him out of his seat, and gives him a kiss, as if to apologize for "hurting" him.  Places Cookie back in his spot, and moves the bus forward.
Samuel:  School is here!

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Stars Were Out Tonight...

As we were pulling out of Mimi's driveway tonight, Daniel exclaimed, "Look, Mommy, it's stars!"

His excitement was precious, and I immediately asked him, "Daniel, do you know who made the stars?"

D:  Daddy made them?
Me:  No, actually God made them for you.
D:  For me?
Me:  God made the stars so that when you see them you will know that God is there and that He cares for you and wants the very best for you.  He loves you that much!
D:  God made the stars for me?
Me:  Yes.  God made the stars.
D:  Baby Jesus help God?
Me:  Oh yes, Jesus was there helping God when they made the stars, smart boy!

Silence filled the car, and I soon realized he was in awe of the depth of either our conversation or of the stars themselves. 

D:  Thank you for making my stars, God.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Training Begins

I promise not to post naked pictures or shots of him using the restroom, but I will tell you that potty training is, by far, one of the toughest things I've had to do in our parenthood journey...  and this is really only day 1.  For months, Daniel has shown signs of being "ready."  Yet when we'd attempt, I'd get so frustrated that I'd call it off.  I hated the messes and the dirty underwear, and I just wasn't willing to do something that was so hard.

Sounds familiar with life, right?!

He's become quite dramatic over dirty and wet diapers lately, so much so that he cannot stand to keep them on.  He'll walk around like a bow-legged cowboy until someone changes his diaper.  AND, in the case that we don't act quickly enough, Daniel is quite capable of undressing himself, pulling off his diaper, and bringing you the wipes.  I'm serious, this kid floors me at times.

I have been telling Brian that the day of potty training has been fast approaching because with our third set to arrive in May, I cannot imagine the cost, frustration, and stinch of having three little boys in diapers.  I really have been talking it up to Daniel as well, because I know he's the type of kid who has to do things on his own.  He is independent, determined, and sassy.  All of which are making this process rather difficult. 

I believe the Lord really is teaching me (even through this messy process) how my strong will gets in the way of His will at times.  I have a tendency to give up on things when they get tough, and I often want to give in if they aren't going just as I planned.  I get mad and angry and throw pitiful fits in my daily life when God doesn't answer my prayers just as I thought He should. 

In fact, I'm learning that life with a toddler is the same way.  Daniel's strong will is getting in the way of my will, and I can try to push this child all day long but until he realizes that what I am doing and asking of him really is best for him, it's just not going to work.  This is just like me with the Lord.  Until I realize that what God has in store for me is best, I'll keep fighting back and giving up.  Why do that when He is the giver of all good and perfect things?!

So, without giving to many details and to spare those not-yet-parents the thrills of this, I'll just share what I've learned thus far with Daniel...  my 21-month-old potty trainee.
  • Getting upset over a mess actually makes me look like the toddler.
  • I wouldn't want make-believe characters all over my undies either.
  • Don't try to convince your child that the aforementioned characters will be angry if they get pee on them.  It doesn't even seem the least bit realistic.  (Daniel actually laughed at me and said, "Nope."
  • Lying to our children about how the potty makes them big kids is pointless.
  • Rewards aren't necessary.  Let's face it, if I train my children to pee with M&Ms and suckers, what am I really teaching them?!  That if you do something everyone in life has to do, you'll get a treat?  That's just not truth.
  • Praise your child when they deserve it.  Don't punish them for something they are just now learning to do. 


Forkit and Watchit

Two of my favorite Daniel-isms.
He's become quite the talker lately, even making up his own words, which are hilarious.

The two above just melt my heart because they are so funny and random.

In case you aren't too sure of what each is, I'll give you a quick definition.

Forkit - the utensil used to eat dinner
Watchit - the "bracelet" worn on wrists to tell time

Other not so funny -it words of Daniel's:
Can't Likeit