Saturday, October 23, 2010

Samuel Turns 5 Months Old

I know, he was just born yesterday, at least that is how we feel when we notice how quickly he is growing.

In his 5th month, Samuel:
Rolled over from his back to belly,
And from his belly to his back.
Started sitting up much better, not yet on own.
Was still breast feeding!
Was wearing size 3-6 month clothes.
Wore size 2 diapers, but is moving up!
Slept through the night all the time.
Laughed out loud.
Giggled when Daniel tickled him.
Said lots of baby sounds.
Visited West Tennessee.
Went to the park...  alot.
Found his feet.
Had the sweetest personality.
Scooted around.
Held his head up high when on his belly!
Drooled and drooled.
Lost more and more of his head full of hair...
Loved watching Thomas the Train with Daniel.
Smiled at the sound of Mommy's voice singing.

Here are some other pictures of Samuel in his 5th month:

Laying on a blanket at the park

Loving on his frog lovey

Trying on some shades for Daniel -
You wouldn't believe how funny Daniel thinks this is!

Getting pictures at the park with his cousins in West TN

Our little Commodore...
Vandy finally got a WIN!

Pulling big brother's hair :)

At Tucker's Birthday Party at the park

Cheesy grins and chunky cheeks

Watching t.v. with Daniel and Daddy

Playing with his feet

Making funny faces at Mommy

Smiling at Grandpa on his 53rd birthday

Look at his EYES!

Looking at Daddy

Friday, October 22, 2010

Talking with his Da-da

Conversations with Daddy from Jenna Johnson on Vimeo.

A New Toy

Actually, it's an old one, but Daniel doesn't seem to notice.  We pulled down some of Daniel's old things from the attic for Samuel, but Daniel thought all of it was for him!

Daniel's "New" Toy from Jenna Johnson on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Daniel is 18 Months Old!

I always heard that at 18 months, a baby actually becomes a child.  I wholeheartedly agree.  Daniel is a year and a half old, and he is incredible!  He's growing up so quickly and doing things he never did until now.  You won't believe how much he is learning!

In his 18th month, Daniel:
Loved balloons. 
Swam in the YMCA swimming pool!
Liked riding the "horsey" (Grandpa's back).
Was saying "Hello" and actually talking on the phone.
Enjoyed Mexican food - rice, beans, and quesadillas.
Walked the White House greenway with family.
Always wanted a stick in his hand.
Wanted to wander around playgrounds.
Liked swinging.
Slides, not so much.
Had his very first Dum-Dum sucker.
Held it all by himself.
Told Daddy "bye-bye" when he left on his Trinidad mission trip.
Was home with Mommy for 6 whole days without Daddy.
Started counting, "One - Two - Tree."
Climbed anything.
Visited Grandpa at his work.
Showed off in the breakroom.
Got his very first gold dollar from one of Grandpa's co-workers.
Played at Peekaboo Playtown with Mimi.
Is in love with all things Thomas the Tank Engine.
Spots him in magazines, on t.v., and on clothes.
Says, "Choo-choo," any time he sees a train.
Eats with a fork.
Kisses on the lips.
Gives hugs and says "Aw."
Discovered some old toys - which he thought were new.
Always tore things up when not getting attention.
Loves eating pears, raisins, and anything he can hold in with his hands.
Recognized the letter, "E."
Pointed to an "E" on Mommy's shirt and said, "EEEEE!"
Then, did the same thing when he noticed his foam "E" in the bathtub.
I know, it's tough to believe, but he did it twice!
Mother's Day Out is working wonders on him.
Says these words and phrases frequently:
  • choo-choo
  • one, two, tree
  • heh-wo (hello)
  • ball
  • car
  • bye
  • ticka-ticka-ticka (tickle)
  • e-i-e-i-o
  • a-e-i-o-u
  • E
  • da-da
  • momma
  • shoe
  • no
  • aw
  • ow-side (outside)
  • wow
  • what's that?
Here are some other pictures of Daniel in his 18th month:

Swimming at the YMCA

Playing with all the goodies at our table

Walking on the Greenway

Enjoying his first sucker

Dropping Daddy off at the Airport

Visiting Grandpa at work - playing with acorns

Finding a "friend" at Peekaboo Playtown


Cracking up with Mimi

Jumping in the ball pit

Helping us pack for our trip to West TN

Exploring the first "real" train he's ever seen -
It's an old train car stationed at a park in West TN.

Rolling pumpkins around at the park

Aunt Kim didn't believe us when we said,
"There is no way you'll get a family picture with Daniel."
Here's the proof that we were right.

Playing piano at revival in the nursery

Loving on brother

Getting his Fall Fest biblical costume in the mail!

Walking in Aunt Jessica's shoes

Again, impossible to get Daniel in a picture...
Here he is at Tucker's Pirate Party.

Daniel spotted a gift of Tucker's he'd liked to have.
Thomas the Train, of course!

With Jordan at the Party

With Samuel and Daddy -
Waiting for Momma to get ready to go!

The "new" old toy

Learning "TOUCHDOWN!"

Cheesy grins

All dressed up for picture day at Mother's Day Out

At O' Charleys with Grandpa for his 53rd birthday

Sliding with Daddy at Peekaboo

Listen closely to hear Daniel's new word:
Having a Ball from Jenna Johnson on Vimeo.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Daniel's Famous Word...

He says "Heh-wo," all the time.  I mean, all of the time.  This was actually my first time to catch it on video...  Enjoy.

Hello! from Jenna Johnson on Vimeo.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

4 Months Have Come and Gone

It only seems like it was yesterday that I was holding Samuel for the first time.  I was busy admiring how tiny he was the day he was born.  His little hands were so strong and yet so fragile in mine.  Just last week, he passed the 4 month mark, and he continues to fascinate me. 

In his 4th month, Samuel:
Weighed 14 lbs and 6.5 oz. (40th percentile)
Was 23 and 3/4 inches long. (15th percentile)
Had his shots and balled...  like a baby.
Is wearing 3-6 month clothes.
Is in size 2 diapers.
Has outgrown his 0-6 month socks.
Smiles all of the time.
Loves to snuggle.
Laughs out loud.
Makes lots of noises and little "talks."
Rolled over from his belly to back.
Working on rolling from back to belly.
Held his bottle on his own.
Made his first trip to Cracker Barrel.
Plays with his hands.
Reaches for things.
Sucks on his fingers.
Still takes a pacifier.  Specifically, Avent or MAMs only.
Sleeps through the night. 
Goes to bed at 9:30 p.m.
Wakes around midnight to feed.
Wakes around 6 a.m. then again for good at 9:00.
Rarely cries.
Has a bright red birthmark on one of his fingers.
(Everyone always asks what it is.)

Samuel also:

is completely loved by his big brother.

always has his legs crossed at the ankles.

likes to watch t.v. with Daddy.

loves being loved on by Kam.

oh, and Kenz.

is uncertain about Daniel's hugs.

sure does like his Grandpa.

can hold his bottle by himself.

cracks up when being tickled.

is very serious about toys. 
He examines everything.

has the sweetest smile you will ever see.
rocks out his mohawk.
totally not on purpose...
He's losing his hair.

starting to sit up in the Bumbo.
likes being upright.
had his 4 month well and did very well.

holds himself up.
Here, he is waiting on his shots.