Monday, August 19, 2013

Elias' 13th through 15th Months...

Time is flying by in our little piece of the world.  Since having Elias, I'm serious...  There isn't enough time in a day to do half of what I'd like to with our boys, but I'm loving every second of watching this sweet boy grow.  Most of this post is in pictures.

In his 13th through 15th months, Elias:
Weighed around 26-27 lbs.
Wore size 18 and 18-24 month clothes.
Wore size 5 wide and extra wide shoes.
Had a "thing" for shoes...  He always wants them on!
Slept from about 8:30 to 7:30 every night.
Took an hour nap at 10:30 every day.
Danced by bouncing and bending his knees.
Always had "nose" injuries/scratches.
His eczema was awful.
Was rough and loved wrestling.
Enjoyed being tickled and lifted into the air.
Was starting to like his monkey stuffed animal Bekah gave him
   when he was born.  Hugged it every night when going to sleep.
Liked Thomas the train and Mickey Mouse.
Was drinking soy milk only - we think he may have a milk allergy.
Was sick only twice during these months...
Of course, he needed antibiotics and steroids.
Got a LOT of breathing treatments.
Became a BIG "singer."
Holds books and sings at the top of his lungs.
Went to Bekah's and later Seth's birthday party.
Favorite foods were strawberries, ice cream, and cereal.
Loved bath time, water play, and being outside.
Went from having 5 to 8 teeth.
Enjoyed the vacuum and sweeping.
Climbed on everything!
Was CRAZY good at listening, following directions, and understanding us.
I can tell him we're leaving, and he'll go straight to get his shoes, bring them to the door, sit down, and wait for me to put them on.  It's amazing!
Only says a handful of things:  mostly ma-ma and da-da.
Saw his first fireworks at the White House Carnival on 4th of July weekend.
Spent time with James Evan!
Traveled to Missouri to visit his friends, the Calhouns.
Was a biter.
Bit TWICE on his first day of Mother's Day Out.
He went for three weeks while Mommy was recovery from hernia surgery.
Began giving real kisses and biting stopped.
Had his first haircut,
   but because Mommy loved his curls, it ended up being a trim.
Loved to throw.  Balls are easily his favorite toy.

Gained a love for cereal and eating straight out of the box.

Went bowling with the family.

Enjoying the food at Bekah's birthday party!

Was a big hugger...
Loving on Mommy at Bekah's party!

Our little water baby!

Getting a ride on the tractor with big brother.

Imitating Daddy with his mower.

Going to Touch a Truck day in Goodlettsville.

He hated the heat and the sun in his eyes.

Started acting like the "big" kids.
Sitting and eating at the table.

Celebrated Father's Day with Grandpa.

His favorite treat was EASILY the ice cream cone at Mimi's house.

Happy Father's Day to Elias' Daddy!

Look, someone has 6 teeth at 14 months.

Early morning routine:
sitting on the couch with brothers watching t.v.

Getting his check-up at the pulmonologist's office at Vandy.
Cleared for 6 months...
Given Atrovent inhaler as needed and Flovent for daily use.

Eating his ice cream at Jason's Deli after his appointment.

Giving hugs to Paula!

Loving on Kameryn.  Didn't want her to go!

Favorite thing to do lately is sweep.

No joke, this kid loves to clean!

His personality is EXPLODING! 
He's hilarious and knows it.

Houston, we have a climber.

He didn't think he could see the boys outside, 
so he went and got this pot to stand on.
He's too clever to be so small.

Singing us a song!

His very first view of fireworks!

Spent a lot of time with his cousin, James Evan! 
He really loves James.
This was an eventful trip to Sam's!

Enjoying the pool at the Ball's house!

Cow Appreciation Day at Chick Fil A

Kissing his Chick Fil A cow.

Cutest little cow

Getting his very first haircut/trim by his Aunt Ca
and Mimi came to help.

Eating while passing the haircut time.

After the trim...  Still curly!

On the way to Missouri, we stopped at McAllister's 
for lunch and sweet tea!
Their tea is as sweet as Elias!

Being tickled by James Evan!

Waiting on our name to be called at Lambert's Cafe

Trying out the four wheelers
at Bass Pro Shop

Eating frozen custard at Andy's
This kid is always eating...
a lot of ice cream.

Hot day of play in Missouri
Mikaylen, Karaley, and Elias
Karaley did all of the precious, heavy lifting.  :)

Got stuck while getting his ball out from under the chair

Big boys eating lunch together

These two brothers love their lunches...
and each other.

I just melt when I see this.
He was the only boy still awake, 
so he laid down in the living room on his pillow,
drank his milk, and watched t.v. by himself.

Bet you can't guess what he's eating?!
Plum Yum frozen yogurt!


The first and only fruit this boy will eat...

Later that afternoon,
I found E in his brothers' room looking through books,
and when he happened upon this page,
he kept pointing and smiling!

Seriously, what 15-month-old figures this out?!
When he couldn't reach the water - 
He went into the boys' bathroom, got their potty stool, 
brought it all the way into the kitchen, 
placed it next to the fridge, climbed up,
and was pushing the water button on the fridge...
Laughing all the while.