Sunday, June 21, 2009

No Words Needed.

Have you ever

seen anything

as precious

as this?!

I Love My Daddy

Loving Daddy before he leaves for work

Holding his hand while he feeds me

Daddy's Father's Day card from me

My gift to Daddy... a book about me.

Eating his Daddy's Day Dinner at Taco Bell

Happy 1st Father's Day to Daniel's Daddy!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

You'd Never Guess...

But Daniel is already two months old!

Here are some of the things that took place during his second month:

In his 5th week:
He found his Mommy's hair.
He took his first trp to west Tennessee.
He got a case of baby acne.
He started kicking and pushing off of whoever held him.
He was able to hold his head up for 20 or more seconds.
HE ROLLED OVER from his belly to his back!

In his 6th week:
He moved out of newborn diapers into size 1's.
He had his first sleepover at his Mimi's.
He was really recognizing his Mommy and Daddy.

In his 7th week:
He slept through the night for the first time... 8 whole hours!
Unfortunately, it hasn't remained consistant.
He stayed awake much longer throughout each day.
He began wearing 3 month clothes.
He started cooing like crazy.
He fell in love with his mobile.

In his 8th week:
He began trying to roll from his back to his belly.
He had a week-long visit from his second-cousin, James Evan.
He had his 2-month checkup which included his 1st round of shots.
He only cried for a minute during the 3 shots.

He took his rotovirus liquid immunization like a pro!
He weighed 12 lbs. 10 ounces (in the 75th percentile).
He was 23.5 inches long (70th percentile).
He got his very first pair of swimming trunks and sunglasses.
He started mimic-ing his mom (sticking out our tongues).
He tried sleeping through the night... 3 nights in a row.

Monday, June 15, 2009

June's Been Big!

Lots of big things have been happening to me this June. I'm only 8 weeks old today, but big changes keep happening all around me... I'll show you:

For starters, I've figured out that my smile wins everyone over. I can get whatever I want just by using it.

I met some of my family on my Daddy's side of his Mom's family this month for the very first time since I was born. Here I am with my great-aunt Patty and my great-aunt Dina:

And my cousin, James Evan is spending the week with me, and he's catching on to all of my needs already...

Oh, and another thing that's happened is I GOT ME A GRAN-JU.
I'll explain... My great-grandfather Pop got married yesterday as a surprise to everyone at church. My whole family was there, and of course, I was the center of attention until the pastor called up my Pop and his girlfriend. Well, you probably didn't know this, but she has been his fiance for over 60 days. He told me back when it happened, but yesterday, I got a brand new great-grandmother, Gran-Ju:

Oh, I got some new family, and there's one that I just so happen to particularly love! Here's my new family member, Harrison and me:

Last but not least, here are some pictures of just me doing my favorite things this month:

Thursday, June 11, 2009

All Things New

There are 10 tiny fingers and 10 precious toes I have come to adore in the past 7 weeks. I have watched them as they held tightly onto my hands, and I have seen them as they were used to roll a little miracle over. I have never felt anything so soft, and without doubt, I have never experienced anything so new.

I can remember sitting on the couch one evening not too long ago, just rubbing my hands against his sweet feet. He would just coo and grin, but what I noticed more so was the fact that they were incredibly smooth... I could not believe how new they felt, and I quickly realized it was because they were.

His hands and feet haven't been used yet. They haven't petted an animal or played in the sand. They haven't fallen and scraped on the pavement, and they haven't held a bat or thrown a ball. They haven't needed Band-aids or Neosporin, and they haven't needed a cast. They are perfect, absolutely brand new.

Isn't that how it was when we first started our relationships with Christ? Brand new. We hadn't experienced great loss, and our hearts hadn't been hurt. We hadn't felt the pain our Christian walk would some day bring, and we didn't know what was ahead. We didn't realize that our faith would be tested and that our problems wouldn't be solved just because we wanted the Lord to. We just knew that we were His, and that truly was enough. There were no scrapes, scratches, or bruises on our relationships, and we never imagined anything could change that.

I don't know about you, but life with Christ isn't so "new" anymore. I've been saved over 15 years, and I know that things have changed since I first met my Savior. I've changed. My heart has experienced more than I could ever imagine. I have felt more pain than I feel one should ever be allowed. Honestly, I have to admit that those heartaches have caused the newness to wear off. I forget that day when I became His; the Lord took out my heart of stone and gave me a new one.

It is hard to fathom that before very long, those 10 tiny fingers and 10 precious toes won't be so new. They will have found the floor and end up in places I cannot think of now. However, they will always be precious in my eyes. They'll always be as amazing as the first day I saw them. And I have to believe that God feels the same about me... I'm not as new as I was the day He saved me, but in His eyes, I'm still the little child who ran to meet Him that April day many years ago. He is still making all things new...

Saturday, June 6, 2009

How I Spent My Saturday

Rocking with my elders...

25 cents

Steering clear of the lions...

1 dollar

Listening to the birds...

2 dollars

Talking with the Presidents...

5 dollars

Just being me...


Jenna had a yard sale over the weekend, and Daniel was the item that every visitor wanted more information on. He was the center of attention, and we enjoyed getting to show him off! It won't be long before this little boy is 2 MONTHS OLD!