Tuesday, June 6, 2017


As a parent of young children, I am asked this question numerous times each day. Sometimes, it is an easy answer, but at others, it requires a more heartfelt, prayerful response to their inquisitive "whys".

About a week ago, Elias fell asleep in my arms, and I was overwhelmed with the seriousness, the sadness, and the heaviness of this. I had so many questions for my heavenly Father, and He answered that night with overwhelming peace.

You know, I never imagined being here, in an ICU following our son's brain surgery, and now that we are, I don't want to question why. I want to look ahead to Elias being healed and God getting all the praise.

The truth is, I really cannot grasp the why right now. Elias was screaming through his pain this evening, and he looked right over to me and asked, "Why did I have to do this?!" Of course, we had to do "this" for his well-being, but honestly, I know there has to be a bigger purpose than that.

In Romans 8, we are reminded that the sufferings of this present time aren't worth comparing to the glory that God will reveal in us. The Lord has a bigger answer to the question, "Why?" I know He wants us to bring our hearts to Him, pour out our prayers and our big questions, and give Him time to answer. Why? Because He is still God, and He is still good.