A Humble Introduction

For those of you who may not know me, my name is Jenna.  I am first, and foremost, a child of God, which sometimes leads me down paths I never would have chosen for myself.  I was born and raised in Robertson County, Tennessee, where my husband, Brian, and I reside today. I am the mother of five children, and yes, if you look in the picture above and only see three kids, it's because the Lord decided that two of our children needed to be with Him.  I have loved and lost.  I am a full-time wife, mother, friend, and church member. I also have the great privilege of painting, crafting, embroidering, and creating for many friends. My husband is a pastor in Goodlettsville, Tennessee, and we truly are blessed beyond measure; all of our gifts have come from God (James 1:17).

For more intricate details: 
  • I was saved at 10 while praying on an altar at Victory Missionary Baptist Church.
  • I graduated from Western Kentucky University in 2006 with a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education.
  • I landed my first job in 2006 as a Kindergarten teacher in the same school I student-taught in.
  • While working this job, I was featured in a local newspaper during my first year of teaching.
  • I married my pastor, Brian, in March 2007. 
  • We went from single to engaged in 8 days.
  • I had met him 4 years earlier on a mission trip in Jamaica.
  • I miscarried our first child, whom we named Ethan Caleb, in February 2008.
  • I stopped teaching in May 2008.
  • I became a stay-at-home wife, and to my surprise and after months of grieving the loss of our first, I became pregnant a week before my graduate classes were to begin.
  • I birthed our second child and first-born son, Daniel, in April 2009.
  • When Daniel was three months old, the Lord made it clear we would have another child with two positive pregnancy tests, and Samuel was born May 2010.
  • I miscarried our fourth child, whom we named Elisabeth Joy, in December 2010.
  • I am became the mother to Elias in May of 2012.