Friday, February 14, 2014

Sweetest Thing

I asked Daniel earlier this afternoon where he wanted to go for his Valentine's dinner, and he responded: "WHAT?! Are you and Dad taking us to Cracker Barrel? This is going to be awesome! Thank you, Mom." 

I said, "I doubt we're going there. Is there anywhere else you think is nice?" 

He said, "Well, um, maybe Pant-your-o's (Painturos), or Taco Bell. I love it there. Their curly chips are so good. I like Chick fil A too; you know, because it's really nice."

After that discussion, I laid the boys down for a nap because I knew if we were eating out, they'd need to be well rested for it.  SO, while Elias and Samuel were napping, Daniel decided he didn't need to nap.  I told him over and over to get into his bed and rest even if he wasn't tired.  

Imagine my frustration as I heard his voice echoing into the room where I was secretly wrapping their Valentine's gifts.  Frustration soon turned into tears when I walked out and saw his sweet face.  

You see, he'd spend his rest time getting "ready" for our dinner without my knowledge.  

He'd taken off his play clothes, put lotion all over his body, got dressed in church clothes (khakis, dress shoes, and button-up shirt which he'd buttoned ON HIS OWN), brushed his teeth, wet his hair and combed it.  

Then, when fully dressed, he came into my bathroom (where I was wrapping) and said, "Mom, you didn't know, but I got ready for our dinner all by myself.  Don't I look nice?  I even brushed my hair to the side because sometimes it gets in my eyes and this way you'll be able to see my eyes while we're eating."

I cannot believe God blessed me like this.  Daniel, his brothers, and his Daddy are the best gifts of love I've ever received, and I'm constantly reminded that God's love for me is greater than I can fathom simply through living this life.  Tonight, it was in the face of an independent, loving 4-year-old.  

Things I Love... Lately.

  • Time Alone with My Husband
  • Staying Home with Our Boys
  • Words of Affirmation
  • Taking Pictures
  • Piles of Laundry
  • Learning to Cook...  More.
  • Laughter 
  • Pretending and Imaginations of 3 Brothers
  • Messy Floors
  • Heroes, Ninja Turtles, and Bubble Guppies
  • Party Planning
  • Teaching
  • Crafting
  • Painting
  • New Contact Prescription
  • Plans to Celebrate our 7th Anniversary
  • Family who is ALWAYS willing to help
  • Church Home who is ALSO Family
  • Reading the New Testament
  • Pajama Wearing
  • Thirty-One Make Up Bag 
  • Vera Bradley
  • Polka Dots, Chevron, and Houndstooth
  • Anticipation of Vanderbilt Football - hurry back!
  • History and Memories
  • Antibiotics and Inhalers
  • Soccer Season is COMING for a certain 4-year-old
  • Expanding Vocabulary of a certain 21-month-old
  • A certain 3-year-old coming out of his shyness
  • When brothers play TOGETHER
  • Hearing children quote scripture
  • When little boys ask to hear the Bible
  • When prayers are answered...  clearly.
  • For an opportunity to speak to fathers and daughters
  • Friends
  • Silliness
  • Smiles
  • Supper at the Kitchen Table
  • Pre-K - such a fun age, and I get to teach my own preschooler and 11 others that I adore!
  • Moments like these:

Elias' 19th - 21st Months

In Elias' 19th Through 21st Months, He:

Weighed in the 75th percentile.
Was in the 90th percentile for height.
Wore size 18-24 month clothes.
Wore size 5 diapers.
Wore size 5.5 to 6 wide or extra wide shoes.
Had his 18 month and flu shots.
Reacted adversely in his leg to the DTAP shot.
His leg was swollen and bruised for days.
He actually didn't lose the swelling for 4 weeks.
Was super active.
Liked to climb, explore, and play with his big brothers.
Discovered he could take off his own shirt.
Ate a TON.
Loved foods like lasagna, chicken and vegetables, etc.
Went to Pigeon Forge for Called Out's singing.
Enjoyed being at the hotel and hiding in the cabinets there.
Saw his first snow!
Celebrated Thanksgiving!

Loving the play place at McDonalds.

Becoming very brave at the play place!

His favorite place to be is the bathtub.
He had climbed in one morning all on his own.

Celebrated Thanksgiving lunch at Mother's Day Out 
with Pop and GranJu

Took a trip to Pigeon Forge...
Eating with Mom at Ruby Tuesday, looking very big!

Seeing snow for the first time - amazed!

Thanksgiving Day - Mommy and Elias

No one loves Thanksgiving dinner 
as much as this little buddy does!

Really, REALLY liked shoes.
Always wanted them on in the house.
Always took them off once we got in the car.
FINALLY got tested for allergies!
Was NOT allergic to milk, as once thought.
Was allergic to outdoor and indoor pollen and ragweed.
His eczema went nuts.
Crazy red cheeks and chin.
Was scared of dogs but always said, "DOG!"
Was a fan of Elmo.
Really liked to color.
Got to see the lights at Opryland.
Was very fascinated by Christmas lights!
Celebrated Christmas!
Got bitten by a vicious 2 year old at McDonalds.
Had an expanding vocabulary.
Wearing his Elmo house shoes.

Getting out the Christmas tree!

Saying CHEESE before getting his allergy testing!
Praying we aren't allergic to CHEESE.

So, the redness indicated he was allergic to SOMETHING.

Trying on Mommy's boots!

Christmas in West TN, without Mema.  
So sad, but happy at the same time.
Mommy and Elias

This kiddo loves bananas.

Shopping in West TN for their Mema Christmas gifts!

His "infamous" red cheeks...
Some kind of crazy.
They pop out at random times.

Loved watching food bake.
He would stand for minutes just watching!

He enjoyed the Christmas boxes 
more than the Christmas gifts.

He loved to color!
Aunt Ca got him his own Sesame Street crayons.

Playing in boxes, of course.

Hanging out in Mimi's closet during a tornado warning.

Sweet cousins on the church steps 
on the Sunday before Christmas.

Opening Christmas gifts from Mom and Dad.
He loved these dirty dog bath toys.

Next time, we'll just buy him empty boxes.

Showing off his Christmas gifts from Mom and Dad!

How I always found him...  shirtless.

What his leg looked like for weeks
following his 18 month shots.
Redness, swelling, knot in thigh.  
Scary for mom and dad.
Aggravating for active toddler.

UGH, eczema.  
We dislike you.
But we really like our Elias!

Giving kisses to his best buddy, Lily!

Playing in the play place at McDonalds 
just moments before the scariest moment ever.

Moments after the scariest moment ever.
He was bitten repeatedly by another child
while up in the play place. 
Mommy rescued him!

Two major bites:
One under his eye and one beside his ear.

An hour after the bites, it was time for a bath.
Our pediatrician recommended lots of baths.

Shows the extent of the bites.  

Loved going to Mother's Day Out.
Got changed from the nursery class to the 2 to almost 3 year old class.  WHAT?!
Did great with the change!
Still liked coloring, playing, and exploring.
Enjoyed when Mimi, Ca, Pa, or Pop visited.
Hated to wear clothes.
Learned how to take his pants off.  GREAT (insert my sarcasm)
Began to say "poo-poo" or "pee-pee" when dirty/wet.
Loved doing whatever his big brothers were doing.
Made a BUNCH of messes.
Always asked for "beggies" aka veggie straws.
Was such a "ham."  Always made us laugh.
Loved laughing at himself.
Had an amazing imagination.
Loved to play "pretend" with his brothers.
Pretended to be a baby and a puppy dog.
He understood way more than he should.

Constantly was singing and asking for these songs:
More, More, More (More than Conquerors from Seeds of Worship cd)
Mine (This Little Light of Mine)
Book for Me (The B-I-B-L-E)
God We Serve (What a Mighty God We Serve)
BIG (My God is So Big)
This is Day (This is the Day that the Lord Has Made)

Still healing from the bites.
Would proudly exclaim, "GO DORES!"
when he wore his Vandy shirt or saw any type
of sports on television.

Scabs finally appeared.

Pretty regular at our house.
Clothe-less lunches.

Always wanted to take pictures 
and then see them on the camera screen.

Being brave and balancing.

Showed us:
1) he always knew what he wanted,
2) safety locks were no match for him,
3) we needed a better vacuum.


Loved to have books read to him.

Had no fear.
Nothing scared him:  not the dark, heights, being left alone, NOTHING.
Loved having friends over to play with.
Always asked for "Bubble."  
Bubble Guppies was his favorite t.v. show.
Really disliked wearing diapers.  
Pulled them off about once a day.
Always said "potty" and tried a couple of times.
(he's just too little!)
Ripped three keys off of mom's laptop. 
Thought he could do anything!
Loved eating strawberries, noodles, chicken, goldfish, veggie straws, and pizza.
He always ate more than his brothers.
Usually asked for "more."

Friends came over to play!
Look how EXCITED Elias is.

Watching the Super Bowl 
with Daniel and family.

Really liked eating popcorn.


Flying high with Dad 
and laughing the entire way up and back down!

His current vocabulary includes these words and phrases (and A LOT more) at the end of 21 months:
no, more, mine, hi, bye-bye, shoes, I did it!, peek-a-boo, sorry, go, yogurt, pizza, banana, apple, cereal, spoon, fork, yeah, I see you!, Daddy, Momma, night, Why?, please, Mimi, Pa, ouch, see, bible, He hit me!, mean, Be nice!, dog, snow, outside, play, juice