Friday, November 23, 2012

Six Month Sweetie

Elias' sixth month quickly passed by, but it wasn't without some very special memories.

In his 6th month, Elias:
Weighed 21.7, then 20.12, and finally 20.5 lbs.
Wore 12-18 month clothes.
Wore size 3 diapers.
Had a bit of weight loss.
Was eating less.
Was sick for most of this month.
Had an ear infection.
Got bronchialitis.
Was constantly wheezing.  A LOT.
Was admitted to the hospital on November 1.
Spent 4 days there.
His oxygen level kept dropping.
Lots of breathing treatments, steroids, antibiotics, and oxygen.
Rolled everywhere in every way.
Began scooting.
Wasn't a big fan of the exersaucer.
Favorite toys were his swing.
AND his Man's Best Friend dog from Pop.
Tried squash and sweet potatoes.
Still on breast milk.
Had quite a bit of Pedialyte.
Said, "Ma-ma."
Loved his Mama.  A whole bunch.
Liked to wave.
Still not too strong with sitting up.
Drools all the time.
Has the most laidback personality.
Went on his first vacation to Gatlinburg.
Had a TON of breathing treatments, antibiotics, etc.
Went to the Aquarium.
Liked watching the fish swim by.
Did some shopping in Pigeon Forge.
Slept in his car seat.
Had his follow-up with Dr. Kastner.
Dr. believed he was better.
Gets mad when Samuel gets in his face.
Laughs at Daniel all of the time!
Went to his brothers' MDO Thanksgiving lunch.
Went BACK to Gatlinburg for Called Out Quartet.
Got a lot of attention from a lot of people!
Loved listening and tapping his feet to the music.
Got his picture taken with ADDY!
His smile was WIDE!
Stopped sleeping through the night.
Took quick 20 minute or less naps.

Sitting up in the Bumbo,
laughing at his crazy big brothers!

Getting held by Paula...
Easily one of his favorite things.

Kenzi is such an amazing girl...
Her gentle spirit was so calming for E.

Smiles in the Sun
at the Apple Barn

Laughing at Daniel - 
Big Brother made a "tent" 
over E's car seat.
Quite entertaining.

MaKenzie holding onto Elias!
He was ready to get down!

Sweet picture...
Love these sweet ladies.
And SO thankful for this picture.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

So Much, So Little

I cannot believe it's already this close to Thanksgiving.  Seriously, wasn't it just summer?!

I have a ton of posting to do from costumes to hospital stays and growing boys to vacations, and I promise to get to them...  eventually.

There's so much to do and so little time!