Saturday, October 24, 2009


Yes, Daniel is spending a lot of time on his...  behind, that is.  He now can sit up all by himself for LONG periods of time.  He also can sit up in a high chair (praise the Lord), yet he highly dislikes sitting in his new convertible car seat.  Nevertheless, he can sit, and it's an awesome thing!

That's really NOT the point of this post.  I have a million things to update on - turning 6 months old, going on vacation, learning to sit up, taking his first real step crawling step, learning to pull up to standing - I mean, we are WAY BEHIND on keeping you all updated. 

Hopefully, we've given you a SLIGHT glimpse into what is happening here, but alas, it's a busy but blessed weekend with a million places to be from game night to cows and farmers to church and homecoming to visiting with our Jamaican missionary.  I realize that was extremely vague, but I promise to let you in on it all very soon.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Daniel is Tired of Being Sick and Tired

Well, it has been the month of all things LONG. Long sickness, long baby, and long time since our last post.

What do I mean? Daniel's been sick his whole fifth month, and he's been to the doctor three times. He's getting so long; he was a whopping 26 inches at one of the three appointments (seriously, they all are running together now). It's been so hectic around here that I've failed to post all of his major accomplishments like his first time sitting on his own, first time to crawl, first of two ear infections (in two weeks), first time taking two rounds of antibiotics, first time missing two weeks of church, first millionth time to NOT sleep through the night... But, he's as cute, feisty, and active as ever!

Only the bath makes him happy these days!

He found his toes...

Mimi came to play with Daniel.

The "thinker" pose

When he's in deep thought (or confusion), this is what he does!

Crawling towards Pop's keys...

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I never would have imagined that I would come to this point, but I have.


I guess after four years of blabbing and being emotional and completely sharing my heart that I have found that it is time.  I love writing, and although my heart adores letting loose and exposing my mistakes, insecurities, and hard-earned lessons, I believe it has had enough.  

I look across the room this very second and see the sweetest blue-eyed boy looking back at me.  I have an amazing husband, and more than that, he truly has become my best friend.  Most importantly, I have God who loves me more than anyone should be allowed.  Those reasons alone are why I have decided to stop writing here on To Heaven and Back.  

God has blessed me with so many gifts, and I want to focus on them.  I want to spend more time on living, studying God's word, being a mother, loving on Daniel, learning life as a wife, showing my feelings to Brian, learning to cook, painting gifts for others, and just enjoying the life I've been given.  You can still read about my life as a mother here and what I'll be painting here.  That's not to say I won't post here from time to time, but enough is enough. 

And life, well, it's good.  It's really, unbelievably good.  

All my love,