Thursday, July 28, 2011

Samuel's 14th Month

In His 14th Month, Samuel:
Weighed 24ish lbs.
Wore a size 4 extra wide in shoes. 
5 wides would work.
Went back to 12 month clothes.
His belly is thinning up!
His legs and cheeks are not...  :)
I love how chubby he is!
Was SUPER short.
Wore size 4 in diapers.
Balls were his favorite toy.
Said uh-oh, da-da, ball, hi, ma-ma, and wow.
Hated play places.
Started throwing fits.  I have video to prove it!
Liked opening and closing doors, gates, etc.
Was very contemplative.
Got another haircut or two. 
Mommy tried and ruined it.
Aunt Ca had to fix it!
Was still a wonderful sleeper.
Slept from 8:15 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. every night.
Went to Kobe Steakhouse for a big birthday celebration!
Walked non-stop.
Was very tender-hearted.
Was easily disciplined.
We said no.  He listened.
We said stop.  He stopped.
Liked to color.
Loved to hug.
LOVED to eat.  He cherished every bite!
Hated loud noises:  screaming, fireworks, preachers, etc.

Some of Samuel's Favorite Things:
Food(s):    watermelon.  hands down.
Toy(s):    balls.  hands down.
Show(s):   Sesame Street
Movie(s):    Elmo and The Backyardigans
Snack:    Fruit Loops, gummies, chips
Song:   I'm a Little Teapot and Jesus Loves Me, Me, Me
Saying(s):   Wow. Hi. Whoa!
Thing to Do:   Stealing Daniel's Toys, Being Held
People:   MOMMY - hands down!

Some Other 14 Month Highlights:
The sweetest grin ever made!

Looking more like his Mommy...

Enjoying the movie and some snacks  :)

Getting some love from big brother

Saying, "Ball," while holding a bobber.

Watching the downtown fireworks on the 4th.
He hated them!  Notice his bewildered face.

The best thing Daddy's ever brought home!

Giving his buddy, Seth, some love at Monkey Joe's.

Meeting another preacher's kid!
Here are Samuel and Jacob at the Victory Youth Weekend.

Eating watermelon with Pop

That's a GOOD bite, Pop.

The way Samuel USUALLY ended up in bed...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Daniel is 27 Months Old

In his 27th month, Daniel:
Became quite bossy.
Liked helping with his brother.
Told us when he was "stinky."
Weighed 30 lbs.
Wore a size 8 shoe.
Wore size 2T in clothes.
Still in size 4 diapers.
Liked water...  mostly just to play in.
Took lots of baths.
Did a lot of jumping.
Was very demanding and dramatic.
Could tell you how old he was.
Could tell you how old Samuel was.
No longer took naps.
Continued to sleep walk.
Timeouts stopped working.
Getting spankings did.
Would tell us what he did wrong.
If he knew he'd done something wrong,
he'd immediately say, "Corner."
Could remember everything.

Was often found:
  • on the counter tops
  • filling Daddy's radio with salt
  • emptying cereal and chips on the floor
  • making messes
  • standing naked
  • laughing out loud
  • tickling his brother
  • trying to avoid cleaning up
  • giving hugs and kisses
  • using good manners
  • begging to watch movies
Some of Daniel's Favorite Things:
Food(s):    watermelon, peaches, hot dogs
Toy(s):    cars, trains, bubbles
Show(s): The Backyardigans and VeggieTales
Movie(s):   The Backyardigans Mission to Mars, Ratatouille
Snack(s):    yogurt covered raisins, gummy snacks
Song(s):    Anything by Veggie Tales, Stand Up for Jesus
Color(s):   Yellow, Green, Blue, and Red (and he officially recognizes these)
Thing to Do: WATER, Jumping, Being Naked
People:   James, Gavin, Bekah, and Nita (these are the people he asked for)

Popular Phrases and Words of the Month:
  • Woo, it's hot in here!
  • Quiet, Samuel.  (when Samuel's crying)
  • What are you doing?  Working?  Shopping?
  • Where'd Daddy go?
  • Here it comes!  (when movies came on)
  • No, it's MINE!
  • 2, 4, 6!  (counted by twos!)
  • Lub you.  (said it to Grandpa first!, then Mimi)
  • I like it!  I lub it!
  • Kitchen? (if he couldn't find some one or thing)
  • Gross.  Yuck. 
  • Awesome.  Purrfect!  Amazing!  (when he's super excited)
  • Goodness gracious (yes, he really says this!)
  • Good job!  (when he knows you've done something good)
Other big things from Daniel's 27th month:
Riding his first pony with his brother

Destroying Mommy's hair

Playing with Mommy in the floor

Watching his very first drive-in movie, Cars 2

Climbing gates just to climb counter tops just to get naked and take a bath in the sink

Who doesn't bake in the nude?!

One very happy boy in the bathtub!

Watching fireworks with Pa in White House

His very first WASHABLE tattoo, James the Tank Engine

He can escape from anything!
Getting out of his car seat while driving home.

The best discounted buy ever!
Daddy brought home a train table from ESSEX!

Giving his best girl, Bekah, a hug after one of our first trips to Monkey Joe's.

It's fun seeing friends like Kam at church!

Learning how to play frisbee with Mrs. April at the Victory Youth Weekend.

Blowing bubbles with Mrs. April!

Meeting Landon for the first time!
Cannot wait to see him at church!

Behind LOCKED Doors...

It has got to be every mothers' fear to be separated from her children.  There is just something about not knowing where they are or what they are doing when we cannot see their sweet faces.  My heart aches for parents whose children are missing or have gone on to be with Jesus long before it was their time.  With that being said, I realize that my short story of the day seems incomparible to those who've endured much more difficult circumstances.  However, the fear that the adversary would have us all encounter came all to quickly to me today.
Without thinking anything of it, I stepped out in the garage this afternoon to grab a pack of diaper wipes off the shelf and to get each boys' riding toy (On these hot days, I dare not take the boys out in the heat!).  I hadn't made it to the shelf when I realized a cup must have fallen from the van and had created a very large ant mound in the garage!  I have a thing with ants, meaning I literally despise them, but they keep finding their way into my house.  Nevertheless, I ran back into the house to grab our ever-present-help-in-times-of-need ant spray, walked back out to the garage, and quietly closed the door behind me.

I sprayed with such determination, I was almost surprised that neither of the boys had tried to open the door and get to me.  When I'd finished the job, I got the wipes and the toys, and headed back to the door.  It was at that point, I realized I was in a mess.

There I was, in the dead of summer, locked inside the garage, outside of my house, with my two children inside.  I figured that maybe Samuel had grabbed the lock accidentally and did it, because if it'd been Daniel, he'd been screaming, "Yay, I did it!"  However, what blessed my heart (despite being scared to death) was the fact that Daniel did begin screaming soon thereafter.  He was yelling, "Mommy, where are you?  I skeered."  He was banging on the door trying to get himself to me. 

I was honestly in panic mode trying to figure out how I was going to get back in the house!  At the time, I didn't realize how easily that could have taken place, but it was hot and I couldn't see my boys!  I slowly told Daniel what to do.  I didn't think there'd be any way in the world my 2-year-old would listen to directions, but he did what he had to do.  He did exactly as I told him.  Within minutes, I was in the foyer, loving on Daniel.

Can you imagine how the Father feels to be separated from HIS children?  There are so many times I find myself way too far away from His presence, and I wonder how to get closer to Him.  It's not that difficult because God never is far away from us.  He will never leave us if we are saved by His grace.  However, our separation from Him must hurt God so deeply.  God's doors are open...  Do not lock yourself out.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Before I Forget...

  • says these words so clearly:  bye-bye, ball, da-da, ma-ma, and hi.
  • walks all over the house.
  • will be 14 months old tomorrow.  :(
  • loves watermelon.  (He just may be Watermelon Belly #2 - Watermelon Belly was the nickname my Daddy gave me as a child.)
  • has got quite a temper. 
  • throws his food on the floor when he is finished.
  • likes the yogurt part of yogurt-covered raisins.  He spits the raisins out!

  • is nosey.
  • loves raisins and teddy grahams.
  • likes pancakes and eggs.
  • climbs water bottles and chairs to get up to A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G.
  • was 27 months old two days ago.  :(
  • still will not say he loves me.
  • sleepwalks.  Oh yes, he does.
  • sleeps terribly.
  • loves markers.  Specifically, writing on himself with them.
  • has the worst temper ever.
  • sings words to tons of songs.
  • likes the Backyardigans, Thomas, and Cars 2 right now.  OH, and Buzz and Woody.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Arms Wide Open

As I sat at my desk this morning, I overheard two little playful brothers laughing hysterically at one another.  My initial reaction was to wonder what the older of the two had done in order for the younger brother to laugh.  I'm just being honest. 

What surprised me was what I found when I quietly looked around the corner of my "office" door:  two little boys, with two completely different temperaments, sitting in the living room floor with their sweet arms wrapped around one another.  I almost choked on my own tears within that quick moment. 

I have been overwhelmingly wrapped up in God's love over the past few days.  He continually shows me how much He loves me despite our (obvious) differences.  He looks past my faults and failures and loves me just the way He made me. 

So, as I watched my children grin at one another this morning, I was reminded yet again of how much God loves me and how He is always waiting for me with His arms wide open...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Things That Make Me...

  • Stealing.
  • Hearing my 2 year old say, "Stop it!"
  • When both boys are crying.
  • Diapers that don't hold together too well.
  • Wet beds.
  • Poo-poo in the pants and not in the potty.
  • The fridge's water dispenser.
  • Children's snacks attracting ants.
  • Watching Samuel fall while walking.
  • Having to deal with bibs.
  • Daniel's strange sleeping patterns or lack thereof.
  • Staying up too late.
  • Not getting my to-do list accomplished.
  • Bugs. 
  • Finding ants in the cereal cabinet!
  • Smooshed grapes.
  • Spitting children.
  • Piles of laundry.
  • Children that can climb gates.
  • Spilled juice.
  • The timeout technique.  Enough said.
  • When Daniel pulls all the dvds out.
  • When Daniel gets out all of the batteries.
  • When naptime ends.
  • Not getting a shower.
  • When Daniel begs for, "Do-wa."  (Dora the Explorer)
  • When my children make each other CRACK UP!
  • Finding Daniel naked.
  • When Daniel kisses Samuel's booty.
  • Samuel's cheesy grin.
  • Samuel's excitement over snacks!
  • Daniel's love of candy!
  • When Daniel says, "Here it comes!" while waiting for dvds to load.
  • Children dancing!
  • "Goodnight Mommy."
  • When I've prayed too long, "AMEN!"
  • When I tell Daniel, "Stand up," while changing his clothes, he'll say, "FOR JESUS!"
  • Hugs.
  • Tight hugs.
  • Blown kisses.
  • Holding my hand to, "Show you sumthin."
  • Blue eyes.
  • Bug bites.
  • Dirty clothes.
  • Trails of toys.
  • Crumbs for critters.
  • Meals with my two babies.
  • Finding deals on things I could never purchase!
  • Having sweet sisters in the Lord.
  • Knowing there are two babies waiting for me in Heaven.
  • Realizing I have a ministry, right here in my home.
  • Learning that each day is God's gift to me.
  • Texts from my husband.
  • Love I don't deserve.
  • Having a know-so, never-goes salvation.
  • Family that knows me too well.
  • Being held in the arms of God.  :)