Thursday, July 28, 2011

Samuel's 14th Month

In His 14th Month, Samuel:
Weighed 24ish lbs.
Wore a size 4 extra wide in shoes. 
5 wides would work.
Went back to 12 month clothes.
His belly is thinning up!
His legs and cheeks are not...  :)
I love how chubby he is!
Was SUPER short.
Wore size 4 in diapers.
Balls were his favorite toy.
Said uh-oh, da-da, ball, hi, ma-ma, and wow.
Hated play places.
Started throwing fits.  I have video to prove it!
Liked opening and closing doors, gates, etc.
Was very contemplative.
Got another haircut or two. 
Mommy tried and ruined it.
Aunt Ca had to fix it!
Was still a wonderful sleeper.
Slept from 8:15 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. every night.
Went to Kobe Steakhouse for a big birthday celebration!
Walked non-stop.
Was very tender-hearted.
Was easily disciplined.
We said no.  He listened.
We said stop.  He stopped.
Liked to color.
Loved to hug.
LOVED to eat.  He cherished every bite!
Hated loud noises:  screaming, fireworks, preachers, etc.

Some of Samuel's Favorite Things:
Food(s):    watermelon.  hands down.
Toy(s):    balls.  hands down.
Show(s):   Sesame Street
Movie(s):    Elmo and The Backyardigans
Snack:    Fruit Loops, gummies, chips
Song:   I'm a Little Teapot and Jesus Loves Me, Me, Me
Saying(s):   Wow. Hi. Whoa!
Thing to Do:   Stealing Daniel's Toys, Being Held
People:   MOMMY - hands down!

Some Other 14 Month Highlights:
The sweetest grin ever made!

Looking more like his Mommy...

Enjoying the movie and some snacks  :)

Getting some love from big brother

Saying, "Ball," while holding a bobber.

Watching the downtown fireworks on the 4th.
He hated them!  Notice his bewildered face.

The best thing Daddy's ever brought home!

Giving his buddy, Seth, some love at Monkey Joe's.

Meeting another preacher's kid!
Here are Samuel and Jacob at the Victory Youth Weekend.

Eating watermelon with Pop

That's a GOOD bite, Pop.

The way Samuel USUALLY ended up in bed...

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