Friday, May 22, 2015

Opthamology Visit

We had waited for what seemed like ages for this appointment. When the week was finally upon us, a dear friend asked who we were seeing and I wasn't quite sure. She said she hoped Samuel was seeing a certain opthamologist because she knows his family well and he is fantastic. I came home to discover that he was who we were scheduled to see the next day!

Samuel and I headed to Vanderbilt on Tuesday, May 12th, for his appointment. They began with several tests, checking his vision. I was so impressed at how much he recognized at such a distance! They then started with a PIP 24 palette test, checking his ability to recognize colors. I was amazed at this point. Not only could he distinguish between the colors, he was recognizing numbers that are higher than we have learned.

It was here that the assistant said that most children with optic swelling have difficulty distinguishing colors and have a hard time with that particular test. Samuel did not!

We then had to have drops put into his eyes for dilation. It was awful, but we finished and waited until they were ready for the next check of his eyes. Twenty minutes later, the fantastic doctor came in! He checked Samuel and made his diagnosis very clear...

Samuel does NOT have papillodema (optic swelling)!

Praising God that this is all in HIS hands!

He was asked to wear some cool sunglasses home, but he wasn't keen on the idea... until he realized how bright it was outside!  All in all, it was a great day, and we are incredibly grateful for all of the prayers being lifted on Samuel's behalf.

* We will revisit the neurosurgeon in June, but until then, we are doing okay.