Wednesday, December 30, 2009

In The Small Stuff

I have posting upon posting to do (like I know that you're ecstatic over hearing about Daniel's first Christmas and how many teeth he has and how Baby #2 is doing with its perfectly beating heart and all about how this second pregnancy and an 8-month-old are treating me), but in this quiet moment, when Daniel is tucked peacefully into bed and will, without a doubt, sleep at least four hours, as he has become prone to do, I find myself in awe of how good God has been to me.

There was a time when all I wanted was to be married.  After that, all I really wanted was to be pregnant.  Then, when the Lord answered that request and suddenly took it away, all I really needed was love.  It took four long, devastating months for me to find that God had given me that too...  oh, you know, in the eyes of my husband who longed for me to live again and then in the simple statement of a purple plus sign on a pregnancy test.  After that surprise, all I really wanted was a healthy baby girl, and the Lord gave me that as well in the form of a beautiful, blue-eyed, energetic little BOY.  And to be completely honest, I haven't expected or asked for much else.  What seriously could be better than all of that?!

Well, it's in those moments when you know there's nowhere else you'd rather be...  

When you're busy working on the house, and your baby comes crawling up to you with his hands lifted high.

When you're exhausted, and at 8-months-old, your little one decides to sleep at least four hours a night.

When you're ill as a hornet, and your husband attempts to make you laugh by playing the Grinch.

When you're fearing there is no heartbeat, and the nurse proudly states, "138 bpm."

When you're dealing with nightly morning sickness, and it's more than enough.

When you're unsure of yourself, and you walk a mile and a half carrying two babies - that is, the one in the womb and the one in the carrier.

When you're afraid He doesn't hear you, He, without your noticing, answers all of your small, unspoken prayers...

Saturday, December 26, 2009

This Simple, Christmas Truth

It ends...  quicker than it even started.

Only days after putting up the decorations, wrapping gifts, and baking those winter goodies, December 26th rolls around, and for me, it isn't sad.  The day AFTER Christmas is actually a beautiful reminder, even though we can get wrapped up in this glorious holiday, that the truth is the real reason we celebrate never will leave us.  We have every reason to be joyous TODAY (and next Wednesday and every day that follows) because our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is not about presents and gatherings and shopping.  He came so that we may have life...

And that gift from Him, my dear friends, never ends.