Thursday, July 26, 2012

Life Lately

I thought having two boys was tough...  you know, until I had three.  It's not necessarily hard; it is simply God's way of teaching me to love the life I've been given.  My days are much more exhausting and trying, but they are so full of love and laughter from way too early until way too late

Ever wondered what I do all day with three?  Yeah, so do I.  :)

We wear each others' shoes. 
Samuel and Daniel really enjoy walking around in each other's shoes.  Then, things get pretty hilarious when they start putting on Mommy's shoes.  It's more than I can take!

We play with toys. 
Elias has finally started to enjoy his bouncer.  He studies the toys then very seriously hits them.  The older brothers think he is so amazing when Elias moves his toys around. 

We improvise, invent, and pretend.
This blew my mind the other day.  Daniel had decided to empty out the Mega Blocks from the blue bucket and turn it into a basketball goal.  I kid you not.  He wedged the large plastic tote between the wall and the recliner, and the boys spent an hour tossing balls up into it.  It was quite inventive, if you ask me.

We make messes and have fun doing so.
Okay, so maybe I lied a little on that one because I find nothing fun about the messes the boys make.  Nothing at all.  But, when I look around (for example, in the above picture) and see the stains on the carpet, I know that our two precious boys made them, and as annoyingly frustrating as it is to clean all day long, I am so thankful that they enjoy their home.  It's not nice or fancy, but it's their play place, the place where they learn and love.

We fight, play, and love.
It's a cycle we go through every single day about a hundred times.  One minute they're playing perfectly together, the next they are biting each other.  One minute they are kissing the baby, and the next they are suffocating him by lying on top of him. 

The things I do most lately are spanking, hugging, holding, and cleaning, and I like it.  Because I'm reminded of God in every thing I do.  He is constantly spanking, hugging, holding, and cleaning me.  So, while this life with three boys is ever-so challenging, I find it purely perfect. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Mail Mondays

It's hard looking at the same four walls as a stay-at-home mom each day, I'll just be honest.  However, before this blessed job, I was busy teaching 20 five-year-olds, and I realized not too long ago that our boys love to learn.  So, with a degree in education and two toddlers, ages 2 and 3, what did I decide to do?!  I'll tell you what I am doing, and they love it. 

  • Mondays - Mail Monday
    • Each boy chooses a person to mail a letter to.  They decorate their cards and send sweet messages to their recipient of choice.  Of course, I give them ideas for people who may need encouraging or might be celebrating a birthday that week.  The rest is up to them! 
  • Tuesdays - Treat Tuesday
    • Daddy has a Tuesday night class he attends, and we actually get the treat of eating out with him before he heads off.  We usually go to "Chicken Lay" because the boys get to play and we get milkshakes.  All in all, it's a treat for all!
  • Wednesdays - Work or Word Wednesday
    • Depending on the week, we pick a word that needs to be learned or that we're having trouble with.  We've learned OBEY and REVIVAL.  We also spend that day cleaning house, and the boys really do help!  They sweep and mop and dust...  It's great!
  • Thursdays - Think Thursday
    • I try to challenge the boys on Thursdays.  One week, we talked about the letter A.  The next week, we counted from 1-10.  It's fun because it's whatever I think they need to "think" on.
  • Fridays - Fun Friday
    • Let's see...  Play-doh, swimming, and friends are the fun we've had thus far!
BUT my favorite for certain is Monday.  I've come to enjoy Mondays much more now that we have mail to send out.  It is so sweet watching them decide who to choose.  It's even more fun watching them color their cards and hearing them tell me what to write our recipients.  I took pictures of our first Mail Monday...  I think they actually enjoyed it!

Coloring their cards

Samuel chose Mary.
She'd not been feeling well,
and he decided she needed a band-aid.
He's so meticulous.

Daniel chose Uncle Ricky.
He was celebrating his birthday.
SO, Daniel wanted him
to have a birthday cake.

Best part about Mail Monday -
showing off their work
AND no dress code.

Samuel was excited to show off
his work of art for Mary.

Thank you, Adrian, via Pinterest for the inspiration to make each day a learning opportunity!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Elias Turns 2 Months Old

I took a long look into two beautiful blue eyes tonight that were staring back at me.  I realized how quickly he is growing and how, before I know it, Elias will be 2 years old.  However, I just stared at him...  at how perfectly he fits into our life, at how precious his stern features are, and at how I wish I could keep him little like this forever.  God really has blessed us beyond all I could ask or even think!

Here is Elias' 2nd Month, by Weeks:

In his 5th week, Elias:
Celebrated Father's Day at home -
     because he was sick!
Had his hand dipped in paint
     to create his Daddy's gift.
Liked laying flat on the floor.
Started holding his head up.
Was very strong.
Went to his very first concert -
     he saw The Isaacs with Mom and Dad.
Gave his first smile to his Mimi.
Rolled over from his belly to back.

Wearing his "My Dad is My Hero" sticker

Leaving his "mark" on his Daddy's Father's Day present

Reaching for Grandpa's face

Fell asleep in the bedroom floor

Holding his head up

Giving the "Elvis" lip

He looks thrilled, right?!
Getting his picture taken with SONYA ISAACS!

Taking a nap after his first church service

In his 6th week, Elias:
Celebrated his Daddy's birthday at Chili's.
Went to church for the first time on June 24th.
Was visited by some sweet friends...
     the Harris, Osborne, and Clark families.
Was still quite sick...
Took some at home pictures with his brothers.

Meeting Paula...
I think she likes him.  :)

Oh wow.  Elias has no idea.

Our beautiful blue-eyed boy

Posing for pictures with his brothers

Getting his first taste of real food...
Grandpa went and fed him watermelon!

In his 7th week, Elias:
Went to the pediatrician.
Got his heel pricked.
White blood cell count was high...
had risen to 13 from 10.
Had bronchialitis.
Was super congested.
Given instruction to do breathing treatments.
Began vomiting and spitting up after eating.
Started taking Zantac.
It didn't help.  :(
Loved watching the ceilling fans.
Was quite fond of his Mommy.
Smiled all of the time!
Was such a happy baby.
Fell asleep in strange ways.

Fell asleep while propped up on the couch

Watched the 4th of July fireworks on t.v.
since it was too hot and dry to shoot any.

Celebrated Mama J and Miguel's 5th Anniversary

Smiling for Mommy

Sweet as he can be!

In his 8th week, Elias:
Ate 4 oz of breastmilk every 2-4 hours.
Would sleep 3-6 hours at a time.
Weighed 14 lbs. 7 oz. (ABOVE the 100th %tile).
Had his 2 month well visit.
Got his 2 month shots.  3 to be exact.
Was 27 and a half inches long (50th %tile).
Wore size 1 diapers.
Wore size 3 month clothes.
Quickly was growing out of them.
Really liked baths.
Began cooing and making sounds.
Held his head up all the time.
Got a LOT of attention.

Showing off

He's got skills.
Holding his head up high.

Sweet, sweet smile

Good morning, baby Elias.

"Mom, we will help you with him.
We can do it."

Giving his biggest brother a grin

Chubby cheeks, chunky arms, and a cheeky grin...
I seriously love this boy.
This, of course, was BEFORE his shots.

This, obviously, was AFTER his shots.

He's taking a liking to his Daddy.

Be still my heart.
Look at those lashes. those lips. that nose!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

25 Months Old

They say that there is something terrible about a child turning two... but I say there is something both terrible AND terrific about OUR two-year-old Samuel who is now 25 months old.

In His 25th Month, Samuel:
Weighed 29 lbs.
Wore size 18 month clothes.
Wore size 5 or 5.5 wide or extra wide shoes.
Still in size 4 diapers.
Still no interest in potty-training.
Was busy being a big brother.
Loved to help with Elias.
Started throwing fits, which consisted of:
     lots of crying,
     refusing to say sorry,
     and a few small spankings.
Was scared to death of getting in trouble.
Made us chase him down to get him dressed.
Loved wearing shoes.
Hated diaper changes.
Got in a LOT of fights with Daniel.
Gaining more independence.
Was scared of everything:
     noises, strangers, rain, the swimming pool,
     wind, animals, spankings, getting wet, etc.
Liked to go outside,
but only wanted to swing or play bubbles.
Got a black eye.
Got tons of bug bites.
Hated putting Off on.
Enjoyed riding in the Beco.
Said the funniest things.
Had an outrageously large vocabulary.
Was a great sleeper.
Started disliking nap time.
Really liked going to summer MDO.
Talked about his teacher, Ms. Shelly, a lot.
Surprisingly liked fireworks, despite the noise.
Named all the colors.
Said his ABCs.
Could count from 1 to 10.
Was always singing.
Loves his Daddy.
Was a big fan of wearing hats.
Was ALWAYS hungry.
Ate all day long.

Samuel's Favorites this Month:
  • Color:  blue
  • Book:  Elmo's Favorite Places (lift a flap)
  • Song:  ABCs, What a Mighty God
  • People:  Daddy
  • Food:  biscuits, samich (sandwich), Lunchables
  • Snack:  Veggie Tale gummies, watermelon, cantaloke (cantaloupe), popsicles
  • Toy:  his tool bench
  • Thing to Do:  pretend
  • Movie:  The Muppets

Popular Phrases:
  • It's not coming (whenever his freeze pop wouldn't come up out of the plastic).
  • Thank you so much.
  • I'm ready for school.
  • I need my lunchbox.
  • I gotta show you sumpdin.
  • I gonna help you.
  • I'm hungry.
  • I need you.
  • I wanna go shopping.
  • I can't hear it.
  • Daniel, stop it.
  • I need a ice cream milkshake.
Talking with his baby brother
about no telling what

Rocking baby Elias to sleep

Drinking his BIG sweet tea

Wearing his hat during lunch

Always was scared of noises...
Although I'm not sure what noise
he was frightened over here.
He kept his hands over his ears...

The FIRST and ONLY time
Samuel got into the pool
was when it was first inflated.
Once the water was added,
he refused.

He dressed himself up in his sunglasses,
pajamas, and Mimi's shoes,
then actually posed for me.

Our little musician

Give this kid a milkshake
and you'll win him over...