Monday, July 23, 2012

Mail Mondays

It's hard looking at the same four walls as a stay-at-home mom each day, I'll just be honest.  However, before this blessed job, I was busy teaching 20 five-year-olds, and I realized not too long ago that our boys love to learn.  So, with a degree in education and two toddlers, ages 2 and 3, what did I decide to do?!  I'll tell you what I am doing, and they love it. 

  • Mondays - Mail Monday
    • Each boy chooses a person to mail a letter to.  They decorate their cards and send sweet messages to their recipient of choice.  Of course, I give them ideas for people who may need encouraging or might be celebrating a birthday that week.  The rest is up to them! 
  • Tuesdays - Treat Tuesday
    • Daddy has a Tuesday night class he attends, and we actually get the treat of eating out with him before he heads off.  We usually go to "Chicken Lay" because the boys get to play and we get milkshakes.  All in all, it's a treat for all!
  • Wednesdays - Work or Word Wednesday
    • Depending on the week, we pick a word that needs to be learned or that we're having trouble with.  We've learned OBEY and REVIVAL.  We also spend that day cleaning house, and the boys really do help!  They sweep and mop and dust...  It's great!
  • Thursdays - Think Thursday
    • I try to challenge the boys on Thursdays.  One week, we talked about the letter A.  The next week, we counted from 1-10.  It's fun because it's whatever I think they need to "think" on.
  • Fridays - Fun Friday
    • Let's see...  Play-doh, swimming, and friends are the fun we've had thus far!
BUT my favorite for certain is Monday.  I've come to enjoy Mondays much more now that we have mail to send out.  It is so sweet watching them decide who to choose.  It's even more fun watching them color their cards and hearing them tell me what to write our recipients.  I took pictures of our first Mail Monday...  I think they actually enjoyed it!

Coloring their cards

Samuel chose Mary.
She'd not been feeling well,
and he decided she needed a band-aid.
He's so meticulous.

Daniel chose Uncle Ricky.
He was celebrating his birthday.
SO, Daniel wanted him
to have a birthday cake.

Best part about Mail Monday -
showing off their work
AND no dress code.

Samuel was excited to show off
his work of art for Mary.

Thank you, Adrian, via Pinterest for the inspiration to make each day a learning opportunity!

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Adrian said...

Yay! I LOVE it! We too have enjoyed our daily themes throughout the summer (blogged about it awhile back as well :) ). Gives just enough structure while keeping with the relaxation of this season. Way to go mama!
** We'd love to have you guys over - seriously, anytime. We'll all camp out upstairs and let the boys go to town :)