Thursday, July 26, 2012

Life Lately

I thought having two boys was tough...  you know, until I had three.  It's not necessarily hard; it is simply God's way of teaching me to love the life I've been given.  My days are much more exhausting and trying, but they are so full of love and laughter from way too early until way too late

Ever wondered what I do all day with three?  Yeah, so do I.  :)

We wear each others' shoes. 
Samuel and Daniel really enjoy walking around in each other's shoes.  Then, things get pretty hilarious when they start putting on Mommy's shoes.  It's more than I can take!

We play with toys. 
Elias has finally started to enjoy his bouncer.  He studies the toys then very seriously hits them.  The older brothers think he is so amazing when Elias moves his toys around. 

We improvise, invent, and pretend.
This blew my mind the other day.  Daniel had decided to empty out the Mega Blocks from the blue bucket and turn it into a basketball goal.  I kid you not.  He wedged the large plastic tote between the wall and the recliner, and the boys spent an hour tossing balls up into it.  It was quite inventive, if you ask me.

We make messes and have fun doing so.
Okay, so maybe I lied a little on that one because I find nothing fun about the messes the boys make.  Nothing at all.  But, when I look around (for example, in the above picture) and see the stains on the carpet, I know that our two precious boys made them, and as annoyingly frustrating as it is to clean all day long, I am so thankful that they enjoy their home.  It's not nice or fancy, but it's their play place, the place where they learn and love.

We fight, play, and love.
It's a cycle we go through every single day about a hundred times.  One minute they're playing perfectly together, the next they are biting each other.  One minute they are kissing the baby, and the next they are suffocating him by lying on top of him. 

The things I do most lately are spanking, hugging, holding, and cleaning, and I like it.  Because I'm reminded of God in every thing I do.  He is constantly spanking, hugging, holding, and cleaning me.  So, while this life with three boys is ever-so challenging, I find it purely perfect. 

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