Sunday, August 12, 2012

On My Knees

One day after my last post, I received a call that sent me to my knees.

I learned that Addyson, the boys' sweet 3-year-old friend, had brain tumors.  The details weren't yet clear; many tests would soon be done.  She'd been losing weight for a few months, and Addy had experienced headaches and some other symptoms.  However, the tears didn't come.  I was filled with a strange, familiar peace. 

I have found myself on my knees a lot since then.  I've been thanking God for every precious moment we've shared with Addy, and I have been begging for more.  I've been reminding myself how blessed we are to know her, and I have been comforted by the Lord himself that this is no surprise to Him.  I've been reminiscing on the day I learned Amanda was pregnant with her.  I have relived holding her in my arms for the first time at the hospital.  The memories of our time with Addy have flooded my mind throughout the last few weeks, and yet, God still beckons me to my knees.

It's there that I find that familiar peace each and every time I become burdened over this amazing girl.  God reminds me of her strength, and He tells me that He will carry her.  He brings to mind her bright smile, and He tells me that He is shining through her.  This little girl, who has touched my life and is one of the boys' best buddies, is busy fighting what will be a battle that God has already won.  When I'm worried or frightened for Addy, God brings me to my knees, and in prayer, I'm finding such sweet peace in the midst of Addy's scare.

God has great plans for her, and while I'm not certain what they are, I'm very sure of this one thing...  Addy knows who holds her in His hands.  The next time you are on your knees, please lift Addyson up to the Lord.

Addy meets Daniel two days
after he was born.

Playing together on Memorial Day.

At Addy's 2nd birthday breakfast!

Going to look at Christmas lights together...

Daniel and Addy
having a mustache snack
at G's birthday party

Daniel and Addy having fun
at the water table
at Samuel's 2nd birthday party

She was pretty pleased
with the party favors!

Addy holding Elias
when he was 8 days old.

So, in case you've wondered why I haven't been writing, it's because we've been living, laughing, learning, loving, and bending down on our knees for Addy.  Daniel of course has been very concerned.  He understands that Addy is sick.  He asks to pray for her, then two seconds later, he wants to go to her house and play.  He especially likes picking out things at the store for her.  There is just something precious about children and their friendships.  :)

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