Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Thriving at Three Months Old

Elias is three months old.  Every time I look at him I realize how quickly time is passing. 

In his 3rd month, Elias:

Went to a lot of revival services.
Was still wheezing, coughing, vomitting, etc.
Lots of people would ask what was wrong.
Spent time with the Calhoun family.
Went to West TN for the first time.
Celebrated his Aunt Kim's 30th birthday.
Went to see the Rickett family.
Was in the pediatrician's office a lot.
Had a chest x-ray, GI series, antibiotics, steroids, breathing treatments, etc.
I went dairy free for a week.
Doctor thought his symptoms were allergy related.
Started on reflux medication, Zantac.
When nothing changed, we added Prevacid to the mix.
Saw small improvement.
Weighed 16 lbs and 4 oz when he was 2 1/2 months old.
Visited the pediatric pulminologist at Vanderbilt.
Learned he has tracheomalacia and laryngomalacia.
This means the cartilage is floppy in these areas,
which causes Elias to wheeze and have other problems.
He will grow out of the problem by age 2.
Started holding his own bottle.
"Sucked" on his first two fingers,
but wouldn't take a pacifier.
He mostly "chewed" on them.
Went on a mini-vacation with Mom and Dad to Chattanooga.
Rode the city shuttle.
Visited the Aquarium.
Was sleeping 6-10 hours a night.
Would eat 4-5 ounces every 3-4 hours.
Loved playing with toys.
Was always grinning.
Needed lots of bibs.
Wore size 9 month clothes.
In size 3 diapers.
Was rolling over, finding his hands, focusing, and holding himself up when on his belly.
Visited his friend, Addy, in the hospital.
Was trying very hard to sit up!
Was off the chart in growth!
Stayed in childcare at the YMCA for the first time.

His eyelashes are just too much.

This bouncer was meant to be for Elias only.
He lent his hands to Aunt Kim's birthday card.

His big brother loves him...
sometimes a little too much.

Visiting West TN to see Mema
and ALL of his cousins.

Showing off his Bumbo skills.

Seriously, there is always a camera in his face.
He is just too cute.

Trying to show Aunt Ca how straight he can sit.

He voted.  with me.
As did the other two boys.
All 3 children + voting booth and stickers =

He can hold himself up so well.

Proof that 6 month clothes didn't fit.

In Chattanooga at Sticky Fingers
with his very own bottle of BBQ sauce.
His face is priceless.
As is his hand placement.

Enjoying the Marriot.

Holding his own bottle.

Enjoying the Backyardigans with big brother.

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