Friday, August 24, 2012

A Quiet Surprise

Last Thursday was really busy.  Elias had his appointment at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital with a pediatric pulminologist.  It ended up that he and I were there for 2 hours.  While I was at Vandy, Brian left work early in order to get the older boys from Mother's Day Out.  He also was busy working on a surprise for me.  I had no idea, so when I finished up at Elias' appointment, Elias and I headed downstairs to visit Addy.  I took my time with her.  I gazed into her eyes and listened to her every word.  And yet, I knew it was date night, so I hurried home through Nashville traffic. 

However, when I got home, Brian said he'd gotten me a card and I needed to read it right then.  It said a lot of sweet things, and then I noticed it said to "pack your bags."  Brian had planned a getaway for the two of us and Elias.  He'd taken care of getting the older boys prepared with having Ms. Jennifer and Mimi here. 

So, to my surprise, I quickly packed (and forgot to pack) A LOT of things for Elias and myself.  We loaded up and headed to Chattanooga.  Can I tell you the best part?  It was quiet.  Oh, sweet silence.  Here is our weekend in pictures:

Fascinated with the Marriot's elevator

Eating lunch at Sticky Fingers

Even Elias enjoyed the atmosphere

It's a brick couch.  Really?

Heading into the Aquarium

Brian would have spent all day
with the sea dragons.

Elias would have spent all day with the turtles.

Amazed by this scary alligator snapping turtle

It was so nice at the Aquarium.
Brian and Elias both got a nap
while we were there.

With the penquins

Intently watching the fish

Easily, the jellyfish were Elias' favorite things to watch.

Riding the shuttle back to the hotel

Showing how he can lift himself up

Lunch at the River Street Deli -
Oh. my. word.
So delicious.

We found the Grinch at a bookstore
on the North Shore.

Happy boy ready to head home

Stopped off at Bell Buckle
to have a Moon Pie

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