Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Samuel Turns 10 Months Old...

In his 10th month, Samuel:
Pulled himself up to stand for the 1st time.
Clapped his hands.
Made the silliest faces.
Had the sweetest smiles.
Began saying, "Da-da."
Visited with his friend, Jaden.
Was still waiting on surgery...
Wore 6-12 month and 9 month clothes.
Wore a size 3 shoe.
Was wearing size 3 diapers.
Had chubby legs, cheeks, and arms!  :)
Slept from 9 p.m. - 5 a.m. almost every night.
Was a tummy sleeper.
Loved having his blanket cover his face while he slept.
Made growling noises.
Liked eating puffs, crunchies, and Cheerios.
Still only had 2 teeth.
Loved playing by himself.
Would reach for who he wanted.
Would not crawl...  but always "scooted."
Said to look just like his Mommy.
Liked baths.
Missed his Mimi, Aunt Ca, Pop and Gran-Ju
   while they were on their 16-day Hawaiian cruise.
Watched the quake and tsunami footage of Japan.

Some of Samuel's Favorite Things:

Food(s):  applesauce
Toy(s):  penguin bath toy, books, teethers, jumperoo, learning table
Snack: Cheddar crunchies and puffs
Saying(s):  da-da, the "growl"
Thing to Do:  take baths, scoot, stand
Standing for the first time!

Sweet, sweet child of mine.

Visiting with neighbor and friend, Jaden.

Trying to take Jaden's pacifier!  :)

Helping Mom with the laundry...
right after his bath.  LOL!

Finding his basket of toys,
and making the "little Jenna" face.

Meeting his cousin, Kallie, for the first time.

Playing on his learning table.

Getting kisses from big brother.

Welcoming his Mimi back!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

23 Months Old...

Our mister Daniel Benjamin is getting awfully close to turning two, and if I didn't know any better, I'd say he knows it.  His tantrums and fits have become increasingly more dramatic with each passing day, but the sweetness he holds within him has melted our hearts.  Here is what Daniel's 23rd month consisted of!

In his 23rd month, Daniel:
Weighed 29-30 lbs.
Wore size 24 month clothes.
Wore size 7.5 - 8 in shoes.
Still in size 4 diapers.
Showing signs of interest to potty train.
Says "pee-pee" and "potty,"
   but has not yet pee-peed IN the potty.
Set himself a NEW bed time.
   He will not go to bed until 10.
Loved playing outside.
Always dances and jumps.
Throws and kicks balls.
Becoming a really great eater.
Drinks a ton...
Enjoyed sliding and swinging.
Likes wearing his Crocs.
Has started asking for "Pop" all of the time.
   "Pop" is actually Grandpa.
Went for a ride to the country with Grandpa.
Had his first chocolate milkshake (thanks, Grandpa).
Missed Mimi and Aunt Ca while they were on their Hawaiian cruise.
Got some great souvenoirs when they returned!
Says "sorry" when he gets in trouble.
Climbs all the time.
Likes turning the lights on and off.
Also, likes turning the t.v. on and off.
Demands "d.b.d." all day long.  (dvd)
Loves watching Caillou, Barney, and Thomas.
Got a TON of clothes/toys/shoes at consignment sales.
Makes animal noises!
Talks ALL of the time...  Sentences!
Can be the sweetest big brother...
   Then, can be the meanest big brother seconds later.
Likes to pick Samuel up now.  By his neck.
Gives hugs and kisses.
Tells us what he wants in sentence form.

Some of Daniel's Favorite Things:
Food(s):  spaghetti, chicken nuggets, pineapple
Toy(s):  Thomas books, ride-on train, Shake n Go Cars, and Jack (little Thomas vehicle)
Snack:  milkshake, raisins
Song:  EIEIO
Saying(s):  I want more.  Hi brudder.  Go play outside.
Color:  yellow
Thing to Do:  ride in Grandpa's truck, play piano

Loving on Little Brother

Playing a Song

Sleeping Hard in His Toddler Bed

Always Makes His Friends Laugh

Likes Lining EVERYTHING Up
(these are his pull-ups lined across the room)

Meeting His New Cousin, Kallie Beth, for 1st Time

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pat on the Back

Do you ever have times when you just need a pat on the back?  You just need to hear that you are doing a good job and are appreciated for the work you do.  In today's society, it is often difficult to get that positive reinforcement we need as people.  In our humble, human nature, we need to know that the tasks and jobs we have and complete are being recognized by someone who is in a higher position than we are, and when we do not receive the praise we deem is necessary, we sometimes feel as though we are looked at as disappointments.

I have felt that way many times as a stay-at-home parent.  People hear that I have a college degree and actually quit my teaching job on my own will, and immediately I am judged as a "quitter" or someone who has failed in society.  Even still, I knew it was God's will for me to leave that career and begin this new one as a wife and a parent.  It hasn't been easy.  There are days that I long to be among desks and bulletin boards.  I even imagine what craft we might be creating if I still was a teacher to twenty Kindergarteners.

However, it has been brought to my attention lately that I am doing exactly as God had planned.  It wasn't my husband who commended my work in our home.  My dad, who funded my college aspirations, has never once admitted how he feels about my current role in the home and not in the classroom.  It wasn't a young mother or a woman who has been in my position, but it was a 22-month-old, little boy....

As he woke in the middle of night crying for Daddy, it was Mommy who went to sit at Daniel's bedside.  While I knew I would much rather be sleeping and getting the rest I needed for the next exhausting day, sweet Daniel placed his arm around my neck and bent over to "Muah" my head.  I started to stand, seeing he was finally soothed, and he quickly pulled me in closer to him.  Despite my discomfort, kneeling over his blue toddler bed, this precious child proceeded to pat me on my back until he fell asleep. 

There are times in life when all we need is to know is that we are noticed while doing our best.  Be it from a manager, boss, or friend, that recognition does amazing things to a person's heart.  The encouragement we receive often pushes us to work harder and continue on.  Sometimes, it comes from the tiniest of voices - sometimes in the night, others during our work - but it always comes to a heart that's in need.  My "pat on the back" came from my little boy, but I am certain that God had a hand in Daniel's while he was rubbing my shoulder.  God knows all about what we need, and believe me, He is there despite the quiet, empty, and tired places we find ourselves in.  Let Him speak to you and encourage your heart.  He's always ready...