Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Arms Wide Open

As I sat at my desk this morning, I overheard two little playful brothers laughing hysterically at one another.  My initial reaction was to wonder what the older of the two had done in order for the younger brother to laugh.  I'm just being honest. 

What surprised me was what I found when I quietly looked around the corner of my "office" door:  two little boys, with two completely different temperaments, sitting in the living room floor with their sweet arms wrapped around one another.  I almost choked on my own tears within that quick moment. 

I have been overwhelmingly wrapped up in God's love over the past few days.  He continually shows me how much He loves me despite our (obvious) differences.  He looks past my faults and failures and loves me just the way He made me. 

So, as I watched my children grin at one another this morning, I was reminded yet again of how much God loves me and how He is always waiting for me with His arms wide open...

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