Saturday, October 24, 2009


Yes, Daniel is spending a lot of time on his...  behind, that is.  He now can sit up all by himself for LONG periods of time.  He also can sit up in a high chair (praise the Lord), yet he highly dislikes sitting in his new convertible car seat.  Nevertheless, he can sit, and it's an awesome thing!

That's really NOT the point of this post.  I have a million things to update on - turning 6 months old, going on vacation, learning to sit up, taking his first real step crawling step, learning to pull up to standing - I mean, we are WAY BEHIND on keeping you all updated. 

Hopefully, we've given you a SLIGHT glimpse into what is happening here, but alas, it's a busy but blessed weekend with a million places to be from game night to cows and farmers to church and homecoming to visiting with our Jamaican missionary.  I realize that was extremely vague, but I promise to let you in on it all very soon.

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travisandkatie said...

Hey Stranger!

I was just thinking about you and thought I'd say hi. Hope you and the guys had a great Halloween!

- Katie