Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Seeing Six...

Right before our eyes, Daniel turned six months old on October 20, 2009.  So many things happened during and following his sixth month "birthday" that it has honestly been hard to keep up with him.  Hopefully, that explains my very LATE update.

In his 22nd week:
He found his toes, and they always ended up in his mouth.
He really started recognizing his family. 
Smiled immediately upon seeing any of us.
He began doing the "thinking" pose.
It seemed he would concentrate incredibly hard on particular things.

Guess these work just like a pacifier

Laughing with Mimi
Daniel's "thinker" pose

In his 23rd week:
He attempted to crawl...  often. 
He'd scoot toward things that were in front of him on the floor.
He sat up...  ON HIS OWN.  We couldn't believe it!
He was happiest in the bathtub. 
He loved his light-up rubber duckies!

Trying to crawl to Pop's keys

So, sitting up isn't that tough.

Enjoying the empty bathtub

Trying to get away from Mommy

In his 24th week: 
He had his first "lunch-date" with some very special friends.
He wasn't too impressed with McDonald's.
He continued attempting to crawl, and sat up all of the time.
He teethed, but no teeth.  Just lots of drool.  LOTS.
He outgrew ALL of his 6 month clothes.
Still wore size 3 diapers, but needed ALL 6 to 9 month clothes.
He hated his pack n' play.
He loved playing on his toy drum (thanks to our friends in Georgia)!
Mom's hairdryer and plastic grocery bags were his favorite things to play with.

Making a new friend in Tucker

 Greyson wasn't so sure of Daniel at first...

Outgrowing his clothes before he ever wears them

Beating on his drum

 His newest toys...

In his 25th week:
He sat up in a high chair by himself...  with no assistance.
He went on his first vacation (to Gatlinburg).
He walked rode down the strip with his mom and dad. He spent a lot of his time with daddy - riding in the carrier and sleeping there too!
He found out that remote controls are extremely interesting.
He got his first taste of country music at the Dixie Stampede.
He loved the live band!
He moved out of the infant car seat into the big convertible car seat!
He tried Puffs for the first time!

 Riding in the carrier

Finding out about the remote control

Turning 6 months old in Gatlinburg

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