Friday, November 20, 2009

Seven, I'm Not Even Believing It.

Actually written on December 8, 2009
I cannot believe that Daniel has turned seven months old.  It came and went so quickly that I failed to take a picture or even post about it on the day he did (November 20, 2009).  Nevertheless, I have kept up with his amazing accomplishments and wanted to share them.

In his 26th week:
He took his first step actually crawling on October 23rd at his Uncle and Aunt's house.
He dressed up as a cow for his church's Western Family Feud night.
He started pulling up on the recliner, then the couch, and finally the coffee table.
Spoons became his favorite toy.
His buddy, Pierce, came to visit, and Daniel loved to touch him.

In his 27th week:
He gave himself his first busted lip - blood and all - by falling down from pulling up on the coffee table.
He crawled and crawled and crawled some more.
He was everywhere and into everything.
He helped his Mom with laundry.
He dressed up as a lion for Halloween;
He visited his Pop and Gran-Ju, then went to see his Mimi, Grandpa, and Aunt Jessica and Uncle Andrew.
He didn't get any candy, just his very own remote control from his Mimi.
His Grandpa gave him his first taste of a honey BBQ chicken wing, and he LOVED it.


In his 28th week:
His Mom found out that his favorite spot to play was the bathtub...  clothes ON with NO water.
Due to his curiosity and crawling, he needed a superyard to keep him contained.
However, he realized he was contained while in it.
He threw a few thousand fits every time he was in it.
He was extremely ticklish.  Daddy really had fun with him!
He would bounce up and down anytime Daddy said, "Jump, Jump, Jump!"
He said, "Da-da," all the time.

In his 29th week:
He found the trashcans around the house and wanted to play in every one of them.
His hairbrush was his new-found favorite thing.
He announced to his Daddy's family that he was going to be a BIG BROTHER!
He visited his cousins and family.
He met his friends, Jeremy and Erin, who came to visit him while they were in town from Oklahoma!


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