Friday, February 14, 2014

Sweetest Thing

I asked Daniel earlier this afternoon where he wanted to go for his Valentine's dinner, and he responded: "WHAT?! Are you and Dad taking us to Cracker Barrel? This is going to be awesome! Thank you, Mom." 

I said, "I doubt we're going there. Is there anywhere else you think is nice?" 

He said, "Well, um, maybe Pant-your-o's (Painturos), or Taco Bell. I love it there. Their curly chips are so good. I like Chick fil A too; you know, because it's really nice."

After that discussion, I laid the boys down for a nap because I knew if we were eating out, they'd need to be well rested for it.  SO, while Elias and Samuel were napping, Daniel decided he didn't need to nap.  I told him over and over to get into his bed and rest even if he wasn't tired.  

Imagine my frustration as I heard his voice echoing into the room where I was secretly wrapping their Valentine's gifts.  Frustration soon turned into tears when I walked out and saw his sweet face.  

You see, he'd spend his rest time getting "ready" for our dinner without my knowledge.  

He'd taken off his play clothes, put lotion all over his body, got dressed in church clothes (khakis, dress shoes, and button-up shirt which he'd buttoned ON HIS OWN), brushed his teeth, wet his hair and combed it.  

Then, when fully dressed, he came into my bathroom (where I was wrapping) and said, "Mom, you didn't know, but I got ready for our dinner all by myself.  Don't I look nice?  I even brushed my hair to the side because sometimes it gets in my eyes and this way you'll be able to see my eyes while we're eating."

I cannot believe God blessed me like this.  Daniel, his brothers, and his Daddy are the best gifts of love I've ever received, and I'm constantly reminded that God's love for me is greater than I can fathom simply through living this life.  Tonight, it was in the face of an independent, loving 4-year-old.  

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