Saturday, October 23, 2010

Samuel Turns 5 Months Old

I know, he was just born yesterday, at least that is how we feel when we notice how quickly he is growing.

In his 5th month, Samuel:
Rolled over from his back to belly,
And from his belly to his back.
Started sitting up much better, not yet on own.
Was still breast feeding!
Was wearing size 3-6 month clothes.
Wore size 2 diapers, but is moving up!
Slept through the night all the time.
Laughed out loud.
Giggled when Daniel tickled him.
Said lots of baby sounds.
Visited West Tennessee.
Went to the park...  alot.
Found his feet.
Had the sweetest personality.
Scooted around.
Held his head up high when on his belly!
Drooled and drooled.
Lost more and more of his head full of hair...
Loved watching Thomas the Train with Daniel.
Smiled at the sound of Mommy's voice singing.

Here are some other pictures of Samuel in his 5th month:

Laying on a blanket at the park

Loving on his frog lovey

Trying on some shades for Daniel -
You wouldn't believe how funny Daniel thinks this is!

Getting pictures at the park with his cousins in West TN

Our little Commodore...
Vandy finally got a WIN!

Pulling big brother's hair :)

At Tucker's Birthday Party at the park

Cheesy grins and chunky cheeks

Watching t.v. with Daniel and Daddy

Playing with his feet

Making funny faces at Mommy

Smiling at Grandpa on his 53rd birthday

Look at his EYES!

Looking at Daddy

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Katie said...

I had SO much fun sitting with Samuel yesterday for the singing! He is so sweet and so cute and all smiles. I loved every minute of it. Thanks for letting me play with him!