Thursday, November 4, 2010

Boys Equal Noise

Daniel is a loud child...  He makes lots of noise.  He screams...  throws fits....  does NOT need a drum set because he's one all by himself...  fights sleep...  always gets his way.

Tonight was no exception.  In fact, he screamed so much after Brian put him to bed that Daddy ended up going and getting him out of the crib.  Daniel probably danced and played an extra 30 - 45 minutes until his noise outside of the bed was as much as it was inside the crib. 

Did I mention we were trying to watch a movie?!

It was right about the time that Daniel had ripped his train tracks apart and was banging them together that Brian actually sounded like a parent.  You know, the kind of statement that your parents said to you, and you vowed to NEVER say something like that to your children?!  He looked right at Daniel and exclaimed, "Daniel, if you keep making all this noise, I'm putting you back in bed."  As if Daniel really understood.  Like Daniel would actually stop hitting the tracks together.  As if Brian hadn't just gone into Daniel's room not an hour before to get the boy OUT of bed for making TOO MUCH NOISE! 

I have never laughed so hard in my life...

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Adrian said...

Just saw your blog address on your FB page. . . love it! Such a sweet family with two sweet boys :)