Tuesday, November 23, 2010

6 Months Went By TOO Quickly...

Actually written a month late on 12/20/10, but a mother's work is UNENDING so forgive me!

In His 6th Month, Samuel:
Found his feet.
Made funny faces.
Laughed out loud when you tickled him...
Laughed so hard when you told him he was "STINKY!"
Ruined lots of his clothes being "stinky." 
Loved attention...  of any kind.
Unless Daniel decided to sit on him.
Or take his toys.
Or push him.
Liked Daniel's hugs and kisses.
Mimic-ed faces others made.
Was checked for RSV, and was FINE!
But had to go on breathing treatments.
Wore size 3-6 months in clothes.
Rolled over and over and over.
Was the sweetest lamb you've ever seen for Fall Fest.
Visited his Nana's family in Dyersburg, TN.
Got a lot of love from his great aunts, Dina and Pattie.
Visited Gatlinburg for the first time with his family.
Loved the lights in Dollywood.
Chewed on Mom's McAllister's sweet tea cup...
We may have a tea drinker on our hands!
Really liked his brother's xylophone.
Tried his exersaucer for the first time.
Was beginning to sit up on his own!

Look, Mommy!  I found my feet!

Well, hello, little Pappy.
Samuel looked just like his Pappy,
who passed away in May of 2008.

Happy boy all the time.

Making the same faces Daddy does.

Watching t.v. with my big brother.

Samuel wasn't so sure about this costume situation.

But he got the hang of it!

The second time he wore it
was to his brother's MDO Trunk or Treats,
and he was such a sweet little thing!

Even Daddy and Lion admired him!

Meeting his great-aunt Dina for the first time!

Getting lots of kisses...

Just like a little monkey.

Sharing the xylophone with Daniel

Looking like Mommy
Watching the parade at Dollywood

With Daddy in Dollywood

Getting dressed up for a day in Gatlinburg

Waiting in the van for our table at Bennett's.

Wanted a drink of sweet tea.

Trying out his exersaucer.

Attempting to sit up.

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