Saturday, November 20, 2010

19 Months FLEW By...

Actually written on a month late on 12/20/10, but who's counting?!

In Daniel's 19th Month, He:
Made everyone laugh.
At ANY given moment.
Had his 18 month shots, and was AWESOME.
Did not cry over them one bit.
Had a sucker during his shots, and it helped.
Hid all over the house. 
We knew he was up to something if he got quiet.
Loved to make messes.  and not clean them up.
Was a lion for the Fall Fest at church.
Little brother was a lamb.
Would say animal noises...  HILARIOUS.
Visited West TN to see Aunts Dina & Pattie and Cousin James Evan.
Started saying phrases like, "No, No." and "I do it."
Liked playing with his brother and trains.
Did not like sharing with his brother.
Hated when his brother touched his trains.
Gave good kisses and hugs.
Always wanted to hold Samuel.
Went to Gatlinburg with his whole family.
Loved eating pancakes and eggs.
Enjoyed Dollywood and seeing the lights.
Definitely loved the trolley and train rides most.
Rode the "Polar Express" experience.
Visited Cades Cove but slept through most of it.
Wore a size 7 shoe, 18 months in clothes, and size 4 diapers.
Weighed 26 lbs.
Continued loving Mother's Day Out.
Was able to figure out safety covers on the door knobs.
Snuck into bathrooms to play in the toilet water.
Crammed toilet paper into the toilet.
Forced his parents to clean more often.  :)
Loved "colors" which meant coloring.
Sang all the time.
Said his alphabet from A to P.

Sat in Samuel's bumbo...  On Daddy.

Being funny while eating his chicken at Zaxby's.

MDO Pumpkin Party meant he came home with goodies.
This cookie was soooo good,
or so I guessed...
He would not share.

The sucker he received seconds before his shots.

Watching t.v. with his baby brother.

Can YOU spot Daniel?!

Oh, okay.

The Lion and the Lamb

Playing Bingo at church's Fall Fest

At MDO church's Trunk or Treats

Obviously had such a good time...
He didn't want to leave!

Went to Dyersburg to visit his great-aunts

Giving brotherly love

Their first time EVER to share!

Outside the Rockin' Cars track at Dollywood

Hanging with Mimi and Pa in Dollywood

Coloring in Santa's Workshop in Dollywood

You wouldn't believe how hard getting a decent picture is!

Holding his brother

At MDO's Thanksgiving Dinner

Making his teacher, Ms. Dana, laugh!

One of his favorite ladies at MDO, Mrs. Becky

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