Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Conversations with Cookie

It's overwhelming to have one very animated, chatty child in the house, but I'm quickly learning that we may have two on our hands before too long.  Case and point, I overhead 20-month-old Samuel carrying out an entire conversation with his Sesame Street toys today.  He literally was making each character talk and was giving them instructions as to what they were to do next.  Seems to me that he is just too little to be doing this so early!

The scene went a little something like this:
Samuel:  Good morning, Cookie.
He puts Cookie Monster on the toy school bus.
Samuel:  Hi, buddy.  Let's go.   (as if Count von Count, the buss driver, was speaking)
Samuel:  You ok, Cookie?  Noticing that Cookie had fallen out of his seat when Samuel had tried to move the bus.
Samuel:  I sorry, buddy.  He lovingly reaches for Cookie, pulls him out of his seat, and gives him a kiss, as if to apologize for "hurting" him.  Places Cookie back in his spot, and moves the bus forward.
Samuel:  School is here!

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