Sunday, February 19, 2012

Entertainment Weekly :)

It has become a weekly, actually daily challenge...  that is, entertaining my toddlers.  Up until recently, Samuel was very easily entertained, finding a variety of not-so-interesting items from around the house to play with, while Daniel has constantly needed me to help him stay busy.  I don't mind the challenge; it's just NOT an easy one. 

Daniel loves to be on the go.  He wakes every single morning asking where we're going.  He likes to shop, go to school and begs to be at church, visit family and friends, and simply BE in the van.  If he believes we are headed somewhere, he is the happiest child alive.  However, if he thinks he has to stay at home, he's miserable.  Samuel could honestly care less, but he's going to follow Daniel to the end.  So, whatever Daniel's doing, be it throwing toilet paper into the potty or pretending to be a dog - licking everything in sight, Samuel will more than likely be right in the mess.  I love how their personalities have grown into "going" children.  It gives me hope that one day they'll love to be working and going for their Lord, but as for now, I just haven't been able to keep them entertained for very long.

This morning, for instance, despite all the toys in our home and PBS kids on television, they are running from one side of the living room to the other and landing straight into the couch.  While my couch can only take so much, I wonder if any of you have ideas on what to do on a daily basis to help make the day go by more quickly. 

What do YOU do with your children each day if you've been given the role of stay-at-home mom?  Keep in mind that our children are 2 and 1, and I'm in my 3rd trimester with my third.  I cannot lift and do extremely strenuous activities.

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Anonymous said...

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