Monday, February 20, 2012

34 Months Old Already...

Two months away from 3 years old...  Really?!

In his 34th month, Daniel:
Weighed 33 lbs.
Wore a size 8 1/2 - 9 in shoes.
Wore mostly size 3T in clothes.
Was a very sick little boy.
Had RSV, ear infections, and a ruptured ear.
Celebrated his Mommy's birthday!
Sang to her and blew out her candles.
Was potty-trained!
Wore big kid underwear always!
Still needed Pull-ups at night.
Talked about his buddy, Shia.
Always wondered what Shia was doing.
Wanted to hold Shia's new baby.
Loved "wrapping" presents.
Wrapping meant using blankets.
Was introduced to the "spanker."
The "spanker" is a spatula used for disciplining.
Named all of his colors.
Counted from 1 to 13.
Loved to sing.
Was obsessed with birthdays.
Said his own prayers.
Often thanked God for his snacks.
Needed lots of attention and praise.
Continued sleep-walking.
Always woke 2-3 times a night.
Was very demanding.
Did not liked to be laughed at.

Some of Daniel's Favorite Things:
Food(s): Spaghetti, Pizza, "Chocolate" Nutella Sandwiches
Toy(s):  Books, Thomas blocks
Show(s):  Curious George, Thomas
Movie(s):  Toy Story 1-3
Snack(s): Bananas, Chips, Cheese Puffs, Gummies
Song(s):  Deep and Wide
Color(s):  Blue and Red
Thing(s) to Do:   Picnic, Sing, Wrap Gifts, Paint
People:  Shia, Samuel, Mimi, Grandpa, Natalie, Emma
Some of Daniel's Popular Phrases:
  • I'm the boss.
  • I do it. 
  • Mine.
  • I go to school. 
  • I pee pee in the potty!
  • I'm a big kid.
  • I need chips.
  • You are my favorite.
  • Shut it.
Other 34th Month Fun Facts:

Daniel loved coloring and painting with Samuel.

Daniel was super excited about his Mommy's 29th birthday...
Mostly because birthdays mean cake in his little mind!

Towers of blocks made him so excited!

After a long day of a fever of 103.5+ in January,
we learned that Daniel had RSV.
He was given chest x-rays, but thankfully
Daniel did not have pneumonia.
A month of sickness was rough on this tough boy!

Daniel really liked popcorn. 
He would sneak into the pantry,
get his own bag,
put it in the microwave, then
ask for you to pop it.

Daniel's laugh was HYSTERICAL!
So many people commented about his laugh.

Dinner with his cousin Natalie at McDonalds!

A night on the couch with Mommy...
Big grins!

Daniel loved giving kisses...
especially to Samuel.

Daniel's favorite thing, by far, was picnics.
He'd lay out blankets for everyone so that
we could eat our dinner or snacks in the floor.

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Anonymous said...

Love! Jenna you have had a busy 2012. You are a great momma! Love you, friend. Mills