Thursday, August 18, 2011

Be Patient

We are currently teaching Daniel what it means to be patient. 

When he's screaming for his juice,
I will say, "What do you have to be?" 
Daniel will say, "Patient."

When he's yelling he's ready to go,
I will say, "What do you need to be?" 
Daniel will agree, "Patient."

When he's ready "right now" to get
out of his car seat, I must say,
"What should you be?"
Daniel will admit, "Patient."

When I ask him what that means, Daniel always answers, "Wait."  :)

In the past few days, I have been explaining what it means to be patient.  I feel definitions help us all understand things better!  Despite my explanations, I often have to remind Daniel that patient means to wait...  calmly.  gladly.  willingly.  I seriously say these words and phrases to my two-year-old as if he understands, and while he can repeat them perfectly, I'm learning that I too must be patient and wait. 

When I'm frustrated with toddler tantrums,
"What do I have to be?" 
God replys, "Patient."

When I want him out of diapers (like yesterday),
"What should I be?" 
God tells me, "Patient."

When he's being quite demanding,
"How should I react?" 
God whispers, "Patiently."

When he's made another mess,
"What do I need to be?" 
God says, "Patient."

When I'm ready to move past this stage,
God explains, "Be patient."

I find myself wishing his days away, ready for him to grow up and be a big kid, but there are days when I realize that this is my time to cherish Daniel for all he is.  Every energetic, strong-willed, defiant, confident, intelligent, sweet way within him is mine to cherish...  And while I hurry life along, God constantly is reminding me what being patient really means.  It means to wait...  calmly.  gladly.  willingly.

I don't ever want to forget these precious days, moments, and lessons.  Through this adorable toddler, I am learning more than I ever have in life.  I, for one, am enjoying patience.


Alison said...


I am sitting at work reading my random fun blogs that I read while I eat...and I have tears rolling down my face.

Your words HIT HOME with me today. I notice too often that I just wish we could get to the "next stage" so life will slow down and get "easier"...what if this life is easy and I just need to be blessed because of it.

Gosh girl...thank you so much for this lesson and goodness that you just filled my heart with today!

Have a wonderful Thursday! Love you!


Adrian said...

Beautiful post friend. I echo your thoughts - it's truly humbling what these little blessings teach us daily :)