Friday, August 26, 2011

15 Months and Big Things Happen

In His 15th Month, Samuel:
Weighed 22 lbs. (25th percentile)
Was 30.5 inches tall. (25th percentile)
Walked full time...  No more crawling.
Wore size 12 clothes.
Wore a size 5 extra wide in shoes.
In size 4 diapers.
Had really sensitive skin.
Disliked heat and outdoors.
Got his 15 month shots.
Visited Dyersburg and his family for the first time.
Took a long 8 hour road trip to Missouri!
Got to see his church buddy, Lincoln.
Loved playing with Lincoln.
Ate his first Lambert's roll!
Went to Silver Dollar City.
Hated it.
Met the Backyardigans!
Rode the Carousel and enjoyed it!
Really liked Elmo and Timmy (some little lamb show).
Started giving kisses.  Awww.
Was beginning to get fairly vocal.
Threw fits when he didn't get his way.
Was an amazing eater!
Began Mother's Day Out.
Was the youngest in his class! 
Didn't cry when Mommy dropped him off!
Was a great sleeper!
Began climbing.  Yikes.
Started hitting Daniel back!
Loved. his. Daddy. so. much.

Some of Samuel's Firsts Happened this Month:
  • Ate with a spoon
  • Had his first day of Mother's Day Out
  • Got his first busted lip
  • First time we ever saw blood
  • First ride ever ridden (Carousel)

Favorite Things:Food(s): watermelon, peaches
Toy(s):  balls, train tracks, elmo
Show(s): Sesame Street, Timmy Time
Movie(s): Elmo in Grouchland 
Snack:  goldfish, applesauce in a pouch
Song: I'm a Little Teapot and Jesus Loves Me, Me, Me
Words He was Saying:  hi.  ball.  bye-bye.  night.  daddy.  momma.  cup.  caw (car).  go.  mik (milk).  Pa (grandpa).  Ca (aunt jessica).  Mimi.
Thing to Do:  be held, play alone, watch movies, ride in the red cozy coupe.
People:   Daddy!

Some Other 15th Month Highlights:
Playing with Buddy at Aunt Dina's house

Getting love from Aunt Pattie

First trip to McAllister's for sweet tea!

Eating the throwed rolls with Lincoln
at Lambert's

Pointing at the deer/elk (?) at the largest
Bass Pro Shop in the U.S.

Riding the shuttle with Daddy
to Silver Dollar City

Rosy, hot cheeks at Silver Dollar City

Unimpressed with the Backyardigans

His favorite spot at SDC...
The ball area.

Eating cookies and saying bye to his buddy, Lincoln.

Eating rolls and looking like Mommy
at our 2nd Lamberts' stop (on the trip)

Playing with big brother is
beginning to be fun.

At his friend, Seth's first birthday party!

His first busted, bloody lips.

His very first MDO bag!

First day of Mother's Day Out...
Daniel was telling Samuel to, "Cheese!"

Looking like a really big, little boy at MDO.

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