Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pop-In Visits

My boys are so blessed.  I mean it, they really are.  They can almost be guaranteed that at least once a week, they are going to have a visitor.  The visitors usually range from week to week, and most of the time they see their Mimi, Grandpa, and Pop at least once a week or more!

My heart melts when Daniel cuddles up to his visitors.  He gets so excited upon hearing the doorbell ring or the repitition of knocks; he cannot wait to see who is behind the door.  Pop always gives me a forewarning of a few minutes that he's on his way to see the boys, but I don't think Daniel or Samuel would mind if he showed up by surprise ANY day of the week.

Daniel reading his Veggie Tales bible storybook with Pop

Samuel loves getting his Pop time as well

Both boys getting Pop's attention

Showing Pop how he can crawl!

Very interested in the story

I realize that not every child has a great-grandparent like my boys do.  Pop is the best influence my boys could have.  I've grown up admiring his love for the Lord, and I have always enjoyed heeding his advice.  I know he won't always be around, but I am eternally grateful for all he does for my family.  These sweet visits from him feel my heart with joy...  Something about watching your children play with the grandparent you loved so much as a child is beautiful.  I cannot thank God enough for moments like these.

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