Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Burning Eyes- Do you know the feeling?

It's overwhelming... Can you believe that God would entrust such a helpless little baby into our care. I can barely believe it, but it's real. Hopefully in a few hours, we will be dismissed to the comforts of our own home. Then, the real work will begin. No more nurses or doctors at your beckon call, so I guess the natural parental instincts will kick in.

I think they already have. About 2-3 this morning, he could not get satisfied. He proved to us that he had a good set of lungs. As a result, my eyes are burning a little this morning. Now, I understand a little more about how my parents couldn't sleep when I had not come in during my high school years. Apparently, sleeping patterns will never be the same. I'll take burning eyes any day, because my heart is enflamed with love for this little child, Daniel.

Thanks for keeping up with us and praying for us in this journey. The best is yet to come. We love you all!

Brian, Jenna, and Daniel

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