Friday, April 17, 2009

Delivering Daniel

Have you ever truly read the story of Daniel in the Bible? I hadn't. Well, that is, until my husband decided just six weeks before the due date of our son that his name was to be Daniel.

I was devastated to be completely honest. For four, long months of my pregnancy, I had called this little miracle Elijah. My husband was so burdened, though, that I could not ignore the fact that God was speaking to him about our child's name. Far be it from me to question that voice.

It was then that I began searching the scriptures about Daniel. I knew he had been in the lion's den, but I truly didn't know enough about him to be confident about naming my child this particular name. Did you know that God gave Daniel and three other young men knowledge and skill in all writing and wisdom? Did you know he fasted for twenty-one days? Did you know that the Lord gave him the ability to interpret dreams? Did you know he was a prophet that loved God? I didn't. I had no idea.

It was the deliverance of the Lord that got Daniel out of the lion's den. It was the deliverance of the Lord that allowed Daniel to be a mighty man in the king's court. It was the deliverance of the Lord that provided him with great understanding. It was the deliverance of the Lord that caused him to speak with wisdom concerning the ways of God.

I soon will be delivering a Daniel of my own. I anticipate with great joy what the Lord has in store for this little boy. Though I realize my child isn't the Daniel I read about in the Bible, I have to believe that the same power the Old Testament Daniel had is the same power that will live inside of my son. God is good. We anticipate His hand as He delivers our Daniel to us...

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