Friday, April 17, 2009

What's With His Name

Why the name change?

Of course, I ached over changing our baby's name, simply because I am human and couldn't help but think of all of the monogrammed bags, paintings, and thank you notes we purchased and were given and had sent out that all said, "Elijah Thomas." Although that name was particularly special to us, we quickly learned that God had other intentions for this baby's name. Thus, Daniel Benjamin was spoken in my husband's ear.

Many people have asked why we would change a name just weeks before our due date, and others have questioned whether this is what God intended. Many women become quite distraught over the idea, as I did when it was first brought to my attention, and many of you have wondered if we even like the new name.

Yes and no. No because it wasn't what we chose for him. We've been calling this baby Elijah from Week 18 when we saw his little hands "praying" on the ultrasound screen. However, as the weeks have passed, we have learned what a gift this little boy truly is to us. How God has knit him in my womb, taken away fluid from around his kidneys, grown him into a large boy, and brought his parents to their knees in humility. Then, the Lord began showing us the "why" around our baby's new name, Daniel Benjamin.

Did you know that Daniel biblically means, "God is My Judge"? If you knew what all we have gone through and how we've been judged over the course of the actions we've taken for the Lord, you'd feel as humbled by this fact as we are. We feel as though God truly has been our judge. He's been the deciding vote in all we have done. He's the one who has defended our actions, and He will continue to do so. I bet you didn't know that my Nana, who passed away just a few months after we were married, had intended on her first child being named Daniel. Turns out her first child was my mom. My Nana's favorite name was Daniel, and though she never had a boy of her own, I'm certain that she would be thrilled to know her first great-grandchild will be named that favorite name of hers.

Did you know that Benjamin means, "Son of My Right Hand"? Jacob, the father of Israel, struggled with his twelfth son's name when he was being delivered. As his wife, Rachel, bore this son, she named him, "Ben-Oni," which meant, "Son of My Sorrow." Oh, do you know how perfect that is for us? Do you know the sorrow we have faced? Did you know that it was the day after my husband's mother died that the Lord began pressing him to rename our baby? Brian struggled with our baby's name as well. It hurt him to hurt me and let go of a name that had meant so much to us... But, Benjamin, well, it was perfect. Benjamin also happens to be a family name. Brian's dad's middle name (he passed away May 2008) was Benjamin. His granddaddy's name (he passed away August 2007) was Bennie. His great, great-grandfather's name was Pappy Ben. We are honoring not only the Lord but many generations of the Johnson family.

Hope this helps us to remember why our son's name was changed... What is with his name? It's perfect and straight from the Lord.

39 weeks today...

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