Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Daniel is 9 Days Old...

How exactly is that possible?! Everyone has told us to enjoy each minute because babies grow up so quickly... We believe it now that we have our own. Daniel looks quite different already. His hair is lightening up, his eyes are brighter and wider, his cheeks are chubbier, and his squirminess continues to increase before our eyes.

We didn't write about his first week, but on Monday, he was a week old. He's done so much in just a week; we'd like to share it all with you...

Thanking Mommy for a Good Meal

Loving on Daddy

My First Walk and First Time in My Stroller

The Way I Always Sleep

With My Grandpa

My First Camo Shirt, Ready for Hunting with Daddy

Taking an Evening Nap with My Daddy

My Big Grin for the Camera

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the tucker family said...

cute pics can't wait till yall come home for us to be able to love and spoil him daniel hope and caden tucker