Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Waiting on You

Contractions, friends. Lots of them.

They aren't the easiest things to bear, either. I stay up all hours of the night wondering if "this" could be "it." Except the "it" hasn't yet come. I know it is only a matter of time. I just, days ago, reached full term, but the anticipation is building. I can hardly bear the excitement just like my lack of handling the contractions.

See, I have learned something in the waiting game. I have such great expectation over what is to come, that the pain isn't quite as bad as I had envisioned. As each new pattern of contractions begin, I get anxious to see what lies ahead. I know that the outcome will be a child, but I have no idea what I am REALLY getting in waiting.

If I put the same emotions into action when it comes to my Lord, what a difference my life would have! If I dealt with the pain, knowing that Heaven was my outcome, I'd realize that it would be worth it. I've imagined Christ on the cross a number of times this week. I've seen Him hanging there in my mind, and through all the pain, He anticipated great things. He KNEW what was in store for Him, and I do too. The Lord gave me that hope when I was a 10 year old girl almost 15 years ago this month.

I am waiting, Lord. I am waiting to meet this boy with humble expectation. More so, Lord, I am waiting to meet you. I don't mind the pain, trials, and heartache, knowing that You are the ultimate outcome.


Alison said...


How exciting and how true is your statement about waiting humbly to meet our Lord. I heard you contacted that awesome photographer hubby of mine, which thrills me because you know your sweet baby is going to be adorable. Will be saying some extra prayers for you in the coming days and weeks. A child is like no other love...
Alison Holland Harris

Jenny said...

That precious baby will be worth EVERY ounce of will heaven. Both will bring such joy I know! I love you!