Sunday, May 3, 2009

I Live for Moments Like These.

In the early hours of the morning, I have found myself wishing my son's life away. As friends discussed their sleep-through-the-night baby, I honestly was jealous of their bright, rested eyes. We have had to fight for every hour we have gotten, and those hours during the night are few and far between. I don't want to be the kind of mother that misses the joy of her son because she spent her time wishing his habits and days away.

God brought me down to that realization and off of my pity party the other morning as I was getting ready to take Daniel to Vanderbilt for an infant ultrasound of his kidney. If you didn't already know, throughout our pregnancy, we were informed our baby had fluid on his kidneys. Anyway, not the point. My mom had given me the Jim Brickman, "Valentine" cd, and I played it for Daniel as I prepared to leave. I was hit hard when a familiar song came on. I had always believed it was a romantic song, but as I listened to the lyrics, I heard the Lord's voice loud and clear. "Cherish him; He is my gift to you." I cried over the words for what seemed like hours, and again that evening as I played it for Brian.

But, God reminded me through this song and through moments like these that my child truly is a gift. We prayed for him, and now he's here. He's not sleeping as we wish he would, but he's ours to love, nurture, and pray over, and that's a blessing we do not take lightly.

May the angels protect you, Trouble neglect you,
And heaven accept you when its time to go home...

May you always have plenty, the glass never empty,
And know in your belly... You're never alone.

May your tears come from laughing; you find friends worth having.
With every year passing, they mean more than gold...

May you win but stay humble, smile more than grumble,
And know when you stumble, you're never alone.

Well, I have to be honest, as much as I want it,
I'm not gonna promise that the cold winds won't blow...

So when hard times have found you, and your fears surround you;
Wrap my love around you... You're never alone.

Never alone, never alone...
I'll be in every beat of your heart when you face the unknown...

Wherever you fly, this isn't goodbye...
My love will follow you, stay with you...

Baby, you're never alone.

"Never Alone"
By Lady Antebellum

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Bill said...

GOD BLESS YOU ALL, You KNOW MY family and I are PRAYING for you, THANKS for letting us hear from you. KEEP LOOKING to the LORD for your HELP, he is ALL WAYS there for us. We serve a GREAT God. LOVE YOU.