Monday, May 18, 2009

Fits and Fusses

You wouldn't know about these if you've seen Daniel out in public yet. See, our little boy has learned how to impress people and get your attention at a mere 4-weeks-old. He is the best baby when he's around all of you, but as soon as we are by ourselves, he lets us have it.

Just yesterday, as we ate lunch with family and friends at the Cracker Barrel, Daniel slept through the whole thing... We get in the car, and on comes the tears. Saturday, Grandpa stopped by to see his perfect little grandson, and not ten minutes after he left, Daniel started screaming to no end.

It's become a joke with us... We wait to see how long it takes after people leave or we get alone before Daniel brings on the crocodile tears. It's almost like he knows he has everyone's attention, and then he also knows when he doesn't - thus the crying fits.

Everyone seems to ask how Daniel is doing, if he's sleeping through the night, and if we are getting any sleep. We always reply that he is growing quickly (a whopping 9.11 pounds as of 3 days ago), has his days and nights mixed up, and that sleep is a thing of the past.

Just last week, Daniel spent two days screaming after his 11:00 feedings. Both a.m. and p.m. might I add. He would scream for 3 hours until his next bottle. We were so afraid of colic, we took him to Dr. Cormier on Friday. Turns out Daniel has some reflux and he is now on Zantac, rice cereal, and sitting upright after feedings. It's amazing that you can be thankful for reflux, but we are.

Daniel will be a month old in 2 days... I have a lot in store for you then. Check back later this week!


the tucker family said...

love you all and he will grow out of the fits!!! may god bless you all love daniel hope and caden tucker!!!

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