Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Holy Roller...

Bet we caught your attention with that title!

It's been an amazing few days with Daniel. We have watched him as he continues to grow right before our eyes. From laughter in his sleep to tears rolling down his face, we have been witnesses to the beautiful handiwork of God. We are daily fascinated and wonderfully surprised with Daniel's growth and his changing ways...

Just this past weekend, as a fellow church goer asked if Daniel had been pushing up off of his stomach, we realized that our little boy wouldn't be little for much longer. Well, we realized that only after having to admit we had completely forgotten about the ever-so-talked-about "Tummy Time." We came straight home from church and put Daniel on his stomach in the living room floor. Not seconds later, this is what we witnessed (be patient with him):

Holy Roller from Jenna Johnson on Vimeo.

Did we mention that Daniel is ONLY five weeks old?! Our little one is rolling... Not in God's Word yet, but he's on his way!


Alison said...

Hey Jenna!

First of all, Daniel is ADORABLE!


Could you please email me! You were one of my keychain winners for a free one.

Plus I needed to talk to you about something else.

I know your totally busy as a mommy, but whenever you get a couple of seconds, email me!

Thanks so much! God surely has blessed your little beautiful family!

Alison Holland Harris

Anonymous said...

Absolutely positively adorable and what a gorgeous baby :0)

Way to go Mr. Holy Roller!