Monday, April 2, 2012

2 Away from 2

Samuel is a mere two months away from turning two years old.  Oh, how wrong that seems!  It feels like yesterday that we were being shocked with a positive pregnancy test when our firstborn was only 3 months old.  We couldn't fathom having a second child so soon, but Samuel has filled our lives with such sweet moments and precious times that we couldn't be more ecstatic to have him!

In his 22nd month, Samuel:
Weighed 27 lbs.
Wore mostly 18 month clothes. 
Still wore some 12-18 months.
Sported size 5 - 5 1/2 wide shoes.
Favorite shoes are his Scooby Doo crocs.
Loves anything with a ball on it.
Celebrated his cousin Kallie's 1st birthday.
Did NOT want her to kiss him.
Would tell us when he messed in his diaper.
Liked wearing pajamas.
Was becoming a very good pretender.
Was very loving. 
Liked giving kisses and hugs.
Not receiving them.
REALLY enjoyed cake and cupcakes.
LOVED ice cream.
Was a great eater.
Was incredibly shy and timid.
Always super cautious and careful.
Liked drawing and coloring.
ESPECIALLY enjoyed sidewalk chalk.
Did not like having his haircut.
Slept through our first hail storm.
Broke his leg at McDonald's Playplace.
Had his fair share of x-rays.
Visited Vandy ER to get his temporary cast.
Disliked bugs and boogers.
Could count from 1-11.
Said all of the alphabet.
Had a slight problem with biting others.
Daddy has a nasty bruise to prove it.

Some of Daniel's Favorite Things:
Food(s):   Pizza, Spaghetti, French Fries
Toy(s):   Balls, Elmo anything, Books
Show(s):  Sesame Street
Movie(s):  Backyardigans, Veggie Tales
Snack(s):  Fruit Rollups, Ice Cream
Song(s):  ABCs, What a Mighty God We Serve
Color(s):  Pink and Blue
Thing(s) to Do:  Swinging, Playing Ball, Riding in Stroller
People:  Daddy, Mommy, Mimi, Ca, Pop, Grandpa
Some of Samuel's Popular Phrases:
  • I see sumptin (something).
  • I get down.
  • I do it.
  • I get it.
  • Hold me.
  • Ride it.
  • Play outside.
  • I love you, ______.
  • Daniel did it.
  • I'm too big.
  • Where's______?
  • Happy Bird-day (birthday) to Kallie!
Samuel does NOT like dirty,
and Kallie, you are dirty.
No hugs for you.

Playing outside with sidewalk chalk.

Making his first line of trains.

Getting a sip or ten of Daddy's milkshake.

A new book from Mimi!

The day following his fall and broken leg.
Completely not enjoying the cast.

Two days following the fall,
and Samuel had mastered the cast.
He had climbed into the chair.

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