Monday, April 16, 2012

Time for a Pizza Party!

We opted for a smaller, less involved party for the boys' birthdays this year.  Oh, and we knew their parties needed to be combined, seeing as their brother is due two days before Samuel's 2nd birthday.  So, since I was having early contractions, we scheduled their Pizza Party a week before Daniel's birthday.  We invited mostly family and a few neighborhood friends.  It was perfect!

Waiting not-so-patiently for Daddy to finish praying

Hugging on Grandpa during the prayer

Daniel was so excited that
Baby Josie came to his party!

Our indoor train table provided lots of fun.

The sand table outside was such a mess,
but honestly, so much fun for everyone!

We borrowed a bounce house from our friends,
and Daniel was thrilled...
so were most of the kids!

Getting their personal pan pizza cakes
on a picnic blanket in the backyard.

This isn't the best picture,
but please look at Samuel
eating his cake.
On his 1st birthday,
he actually shoved his cake away...
My, how a year changes things!

Daniel didn't care so much for the cake...
He liked all of the cake's toppings!

Possibly Samuel's favorite gift(s)
came from Mimi -
Stuffed Sesame Street characters,
Ernie and Cookie Monster.
He was very happy to hug them!

Daniel found this gift unwrapped a week or two
BEFORE the party and talked about it
He was PUMPED to FINALLY open it!

Whew, what a tiring party!

Slept like babies...

Happy (early) Birthday, Boys!  Thank you to everyone who came and made this so special for the boys and our family.  We truly are blessed with dear family and friends.

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